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And suddenly, giant glowing bird! This concludes Chapter 7! We have a new vote incentive - Vote to see a stupid doodle based on the events of this page.

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  1. Holland!!! That’s gotta be Holland’s transformation riiiiiiight?! How perrrrrrdy 8)

    1. Woah didn’t even think about that! O.O

    2. Same didnt think of taht!

    3. What if it happens to be the avian guy? I mean this is just a thought but can’t he, like Feral, transform into some kind of bird? I thought Holland was human but I can be wrong ^^;

    4. I think Holland is human, but he uses the pendant to turn into a swan!

      1. Yeah, that’s what I was thinking! I mean… it would explain WHY it is so valuable, right?

    5. Maybe it’s the someone/something that was making the jingling noise! 8D -just somewhat guessing-

    6. Aw, jeez. How did I not see that? /fail The bird’s coloring alone should’ve made it obvious. Even shares his eyes, too.

      1. OK the bird is Holland he is not human he is a bird dude so he can turn birdie and it’s not because of the necklace.

    7. Holland is just to beautiful ;-; *reaches out to the swan*

      Wait 0.0

      If that’s Holland…..

      How the hell would a fox and a swan baby look like *blink blink* And there transformation figure I wonder

  2. What a great comic to come across! Kept me up far later than I should have stayed up last night *lol* Great images and a good story as well, can barely wait to read more!
    I wish I could draw humans (well.. and the like ;) ).. My artist eyes are scanning every page with delight though. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I’ma guessing that’s Holland too! Down with evil cat guy! DOWN!

  4. Holland! He’s pretty. ^.^

  5. -insert comment about Holland- No but seriously, if that really is him, he has a beautiful transformation. n.n

  6. I couldnt help it, but when evil cat guy talks evil all i think of is just going ‘oooooh Me-ow’
    Pretty Swan… Holland?
    And Meela looks pretty cute (random)

  7. I’ve been waiting for this page so eagerly! I’m so glad it’s finally here! That has GOT to be Holland!

  8. I couldn’t stop laughing at the vote incentive. My image of the majestic, sophisticated swan died instantly when I saw it flapping and honking in panic with Meela hanging on haha!

    1. Lol! Same here ^,^ I still love it though :)


  10. HOLY CRAP magical swan of doom

  11. Ahhh! Hollan in swan form! I was hoping for this some time! I love swans, the wings, the colors, and I love the crest of feathers he has!



  13. I have a feeling the bird is Holland, no idea why… XD

  14. Holy crap that vote incentive had me lolling. GO MEELA GO.

  15. rofl
    I’m so glad i voted, that was awesome XD

  16. So Holland’s the Swan Prince(ss). O.o

    1. Lol, nice XD

  17. either Holland or some kind of summon of his

  18. Oh snap! It looks like noone else in the comments is surprised, but I was under the impression that Holland was a… y’know… human!

    Awesome gorgeous swan!

    1. Don’t worry I’m in the same boat as you, but reading all the comments, they do kinda have a point……..

    2. I’m just as surprised as you are! I was so sure he was human that for a second I wondered if the swan was Mithrennon. Derp. White hair, blue eyes, swan pendant…I really should have figured out sooner that the pretty sparkly cob was Holland. :P

  19. ….I thought he was human too. unu;;;;

    Maybe it’s his…PET SWAN.

  20. Whelp, I guess none of the characters in this series are human then at this rate. XD

    1. The old man they killed was! XD But…he’s slightly dead.

      I bet a human will show up eventually as a long-term character.

      1. Yes… The old man is only SLIGHTLY dead….

    2. Kosher is human

  21. Maybe Kosher or at least the inn keepers are human? But Holland being a swam would make sense. Back when Holland was explaining the details of the job, he explained bird people. He is a bird person ^,^

  22. That was… unexpected.
    But still, the bird is so beautiful it basically shines from my screen! <3 Can't wait to see who is it/who sent it/what's that all about.

    Plus, vote incentive made me laugh out loud xD Thanks for that!

  23. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

    Feral’s glove-covered fingers switched again. In the first panel, his first finger and pinkie are covered instead of the middle and ring fingers. I think someone pointed that out on the last page. Just pointing that out.
    My first thought was summon by cat-guy, but then no…. definitely Holland, even before looking at comments.

    1. Yep, it looks like Algy screwed it up again XD I’ll fix it soon.

  24. holland! c: interesting design. huhm. i understand his hair, now…

  25. whaaaaaaat

    ….I didn`t know Holland was an avian person DDDD:

    …swans are explained now. And his pretty white hair.

  26. HOLLAND!!!!!!

  27. SWAN!!!!

  28. Holland’s purdy! Funny that he loves a fox. heehee

  29. Well that was unexpected.

  30. Nice one, Mr. Cat Guy. Maybe you should deal with the real threat before you threaten the pup.

    I’ve been enjoying this immensely since discovering it yesterday. :D Incidentally, I saw Celesse’s question in the forum… maybe more people would discuss things in the forum if the threads were chapter-based instead of page-based. The comments here satisfy page discussion quite well enough.

    *Goes back to lurking*

  31. And here I kinda liked that guy, even if he is attacking them…


  32. Well . . .didn’t see that one coming.

  33. Definitely Holland.

    And that cat guy talks way to much. He’s kind of annoying.

  34. Heheee! The vote-incentive is priceless! XD

  35. Bird versus cat? Hope the swan has more then a surprise entrance in mind!

  36. GOTTA be Holland, right? I bet that’s why that pendant is so special. Gotta be, I mean it can’t be by CHANCE that the pendent is a swan.

    … maybe I’m wrong, but I’d like to think I’m not! =3 That’d be pretty cool.

  37. It’s gotta be Holland there to save the day, his model and character give him the air that he’s got some bigger secret behind him and after the whole royalty thing got revealed i think its gonna get a little easier to squeeze the orange juice out of him. Being a writter myself i’m pretty good at chatching plots and designing characters but only characters i give lots of secrets are my current/former antagonists. O.O wait a second… i may be on to something with Holland, is he a former antagonist type character? No… he’s too sweet, but then, the last antagonist i turned over is now really sweet, he could be….

    Heh listen to me blabing about what i think i can’t really know what’s gonna happen…

  38. I’m guessing like a lot of other people, It’s Holland :D

  39. omg this comic is getting really good:D such great anatomy for the swan by the way:3

  40. Your right, being a pup won’t save her, BUT a glowing giant swan will! :D

  41. It’s probably Holland, but, wacky theory time, maybe it’s the seal?

  42. Holland’s sparkles could make Alex Louise Armstrong jealous XD

    1. Lmao, it took me until now to realise who you were talking about. XD

    2. I laughed so loudly all three of my cats jumped at this. LOL

  43. Of course it’s Holland. His pendant /is/ a swan.

  44. I think I’m just going to sit back, and laugh at what happens next. A magic swan transforming dude has got to bring in something funny, even if it’s not who everyone and I think it is…

    *sigh* And now I actually have to wait, instead of reading one after another. Oh well, at least that was something to do till 2am.

  45. I don’t believe I didn’t come across this comic earlier. I just read the whole thing & can’t wait for the chapters to come. Stunning work!


  47. “And suddenly, giant glowing bird! This concludes Chapter 7!”
    XD Best possible ending comment. I’m definitely going to have to start reading the comments on each page.

    Also, to whats-his-face: Cliche?! You’re the one who just said, “NO ONE KICKS VISREAL AND GETS AWAY WITH IT!” Those who spout cliche third person statements are not allowed to pass judgement about clicheness, my friend.

  48. MasterassassinMan

    aww man i wanted to do a “i’m a bird” joke by tobuscus, buut it really wouldnt fit the last panel

  49. Yes!! I have been following this comic since it started too and the commenting section is a great addition! Didn’t know there was a forum ’till I read the announcement being closed down ANYHOO, I super love this comic and the characters, they are truly lovable! It’s not everytime I get to read a comic with a guard that talks too much during a chase/fight XD and which is why Strays definitely stands out for me! :3 Keep up the awesome work!

  50. FAWKYES.

  51. actually i think the swan was sumoned by someone?something. plus, GO SUPER SWAN, GO!

  52. sorry i messed up, i meant to put someone/something (a.k.a the pendant)

  53. Swans are obnoxious creatures. They’re basically just Dire Geese.
    Get within a mile of ’em and they’re all “GROOOONK!” and biting and trying to beat you to death with their wings.

  54. Being a pup wont save you.
    But being a swan WILL.

  55. Giant Swan appeered!

    im confused.

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