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If Meela has learned anything from Feral, it's how to kick people.

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  1. Oh god yes, first. Ironically. .only two minutes after it was posted LOL

  2. So you finally do something somewhat helpful Meela XD now where are they off to?

  3. Cuz kicking is AWESOME.

    1. Mini sparta kick!

    2. If hse was taller I’m sure he would have kicked him in the head XD

    3. She should have kicked higher, behind kick to where it hurts most. That would’ve downed him for a while.

      1. That is a bloody stupid suggestion.
        While crotch-strikes work, high kicks generally don’t.
        The back of the knee is pretty much optimal for kicking there.

    4. Should have gone for the nuts. In life or death fights you fight dirty, espesily if your opponent is better than you!

  4. She finally learned to kick people! Feral must be so proud. XD

  5. Heh, cause no one’s gonna hear the cat guy’s yowling! Best get outta there!

    1. monkey he is a monkey… I think but just by loooking at him i can tell that he is a monkey.

      1. He’s a cat. Creator’s said so.

    2. She should’ve kicked him where it hurts!

      1. I would have laughed so hard…he would have just been like OWWWWWWWW like a little sissy. Hehehehe.

  6. Boyah! Go Meelah! She finally worked up the courage to do something. Though it doesn’t look like she will get to beat him up.

    1. It was, however, a useful thing to do.

    2. Yeah, I’m thrilled to see her actually do something besides get used as a human projectile or, y’know, be total dead weight.

      I wish she’d have beaten him up, but hopefully that’ll come later?

  7. Aww the last panel makes me squeee! =)

  8. um…you missed his crotch…just sayin’.

    1. I know. I was hopin for the crotch as well xD

  9. No, Meela, no, you’re supposed to kick him in the junk. Fighting for your life is not always fighting fair. Aim for those family jewels and put all your might into it!

    1. It definitely would’ve been more effective XD

    2. kicking the knee can be just as effective as a groin hit, with the added bonus of potentially injuring the joint enough to affect the mobility of the target.

      1. Oh yes, i definitely know how easy it is to take someone down with a hit to the back of the knee~ just the slightest bump and the knee gives out XD it’s also a very good way to take down someone bigger than you *is short*

        But the groin hit might’ve kept him down a tad longer and given Feral time to recover his dignity–i mean sword. lol XD

        1. Who says he didn’t recover his sword? His other arm after that shot is always out of frame. Celesse is tricky like that! :O

        2. Much as I hate to say it, if she was gonna hit his groin, she’d be at about the right height to punch it… or to grab and pull, of all gross things… though if she wanted to do it, the kick to the knee should have brought his crotch down to within range (and made it easier to kick).

  10. Poor Visrial. Nothing he says ever happens before the page ends. :)

  11. How DID he manage to grab the railing like that? lol, poor Feral, looks like he’s hugging it for dear life <3

    and did Feral leave his sword behind? it didn't really show if he picked it up or not :/

    1. He grabbed it, it just isn’t shown.

      1. that’s good XD i was worried he’d left it behind

    2. Given how far past the railing he’d gone before, it would have been easier to catch the edge with his feet than his hands. Heck, he was out of hand range when he grabbed it… with his hand.
      Re-re-wind. =p

  12. I love the middle panal and the last panal – Feral’s expresssions are priceless :)

    Also I just noticed that Visrail seems to be left-handed.

    1. Until it is revealed that he is indeed NOT left handed!!! Muahaha!!!

  13. Go Meela, and go Fereal even more!! XD

  14. “Nobody kicks Visirial and gets away with it!”
    …PFFFFT AHAHAHA OH MAN THIS LINE. xDDDD I don’t know if it was intended to be hilarious or not, but it definitely got a chuckle outta me. xD HE’S JUST SO SERIOUS ABOUT IT IT’S KIND OF ADORABLE~

    Good job as always, guys. I love this comic so much. ;w;

  15. OHAY!!! I thought This comic had died there for awhile, As this here page, ** isn’t being updated anymore… And that’s what I have bookmarked… I MISSED A MONTH’S WORTH OF STUFF!!! D,8 But hey… I had a nice bit to read in the end, since I was finally smart and looked to see wtf was going on… |D *shot*

    1. That’s why you should watch the main page too, not just the archive page ;P

      1. Celesse is your picture supposed to be Meela? Just askin.

  16. WatchoutforWendigos

    Way to go Meela! Nice teamwork! Feral has his protective face on when he’s whisking Meela to safety. 8D And everyone seems to think that Meela is useless-she’s just small and un-strong(compared to Feral), and Feral steps in before she has the chance to do anything. And she’s smart enough to know when to let Feral handle it, and when she can talk or yell her way through a conflict.

  17. Cat? I thought those were sideburns. This entire time I was thinking he was more primate than feline. D: (He his rather muscular plus reminds me of Zidane from Final Fantasy IX)

    ps is it just me or is Feral always getting knocked down by wind? lol

  18. Lol! Love it! Yoink and jump. That’s the way to go!

  19. Meela uses KICK!!

    Opponent recovers quickly!

    Do you wish for Feral McGracefulpants to help?
    [OMFG, HES GOT A SWORD, HELP!] Heck no, he’s mine!

    You run away

    1. Yes, but Meela missed the target. Shoulda kicked him where it hurts Meela!

  20. Dude, The Panthers Tail Is Poofy! And I Imagined A Cats Yowl. XD

  21. Glad to see you guys were able to update after all. Hopefully the hurricane wasn’t a problem where you’re at.

    Love the update :D Meela finally gets to do something and it was actually somewhat helpful! And I love that Feral is actually acting protective now too by escaping with her :)

    (Although I did notice that his gloves seem to have switched which two fingers are covered and which two aren’t lol).


    1. So I did do them wrong. OOPS. We’ll fix it after the hurricane has passed. XD

      1. Oh no, no problems, wasn’t being accusing XD I was just rereading the chapter from the beginning and noticed, that’s all. :)


        1. Wait, what? I looked over this from the start of the chapter and from the start, where he’s “stealing” some pears, it’s his pointer and pinky finger… Where are you saying they get switched because it looks consistent to me.

        2. We’ve already fixed it :)

  22. “Nobody kicks Visrial and gets away with it!”

    Looks like Meela just did.

  23. Demonic_Pixie18647

    Where did Meela’s bracelet come from? Did I just not notice it, like I didn’t notice her necklace till a few pages ago?

    1. She gets that bracelet waaaay at the beginning of the comic, presumably from her brother. If you read the first few pages there’s a close-up shot of their hands with it, I believe, and she’s worn it ever since.


      1. Demonic_Pixie18647

        I know that, I just never really noticed her wearing it the whole time she’s been at the party…granted I didn’t notice the necklace til like after the cat guy showed up so maybe i’m not just spacing out

    2. Isn’t the necklace a part of her servant outfit? It seems to have Holland’s crest on it.

      1. Yes, the necklace has Holland’s crest to mark her as his servant.

  24. Hahahah Meela XD I adore her

  25. GO FERAL! :D

  26. You can doooiiiiiiiiitttt!!

  27. Was he able to pick up his sword?

  28. SpicyBleachedHead

    Yay, hero-time Feral!

    Oh, and btw that guy’s reaaaaaally all talk.

  29. Yay he saved Meela! He must be starting to like her a bit. Or at least feel responsible for her.

  30. Ohman! XD Feral’s expression in the 3rd panel is PRICELESS! XD

    Prayin for you guys in the vicinity of Irene! /8-[
    Glad you could still post this page! X3

  31. nice one Meela…

  32. Yay glad you guys seem alright. =)
    Go Meela, use your awesome kick powers….I’m loving how Feral is protective of her, like she’s his little charge

  33. He’s just jealous cause he doesn’t have a fluffy tail!

  34. Thats right Meela, kick him as hard as you can XD

  35. “Kick him in the head”…. Ah, she has learned well ;} Now she just has to grow a few inches ^.^

  36. & I love Meela’s Grr face ^,^

  37. Aha! You know Feral loves her really. :3 (as in, like a big brother)

    1. *thinks about feral and meela having sex and making babies* … O_O

  38. You know I’m actually glad they don’t have Meela be kicking ass, i mean she is a little kid and hasn’t exactly had any training. So I like that she can only do so much. Just wanted to say

  39. Nice going Meela! Show the guy who’s the boss!!!

  40. Great job Meela!

  41. EPIC LEAP! Jeez Feral, now you’re even MOAR badass. That was one big jump from fumbling around that railing! <3

  42. Awesome page! :D And wait, why is Meela wearing the blue swan pendant necklace?

    1. She’s not, she’s wearing a medalion with a swan crest on it to mark her as Holland’s servant.

  43. And there they go, getting away from kicking Visrial XD

  44. Third person? Now we know he’s dangerous. Only really bad people refer to themselves in Third Person! lol.

  45. Ra ra ree! Kick him in the knee! Ra ra rass! Kick him in the . . . !

  46. “How did you catch the railing like that??”
    ‘How should I know?! O_O’

    “You little brat!! Nobody kicks Visrial and gets away with it!”
    ‘I think she just did ;3 with a little help, of course.’

  47. Haha, and of course the “Maybe you will…” comment is due to the fan’s comments XD Well, I think so anyway ^^

  48. No one shall kick the Great and Powerful Visrial!! LOL. He reminds me of Trixie.

  49. Anyone else hear a cat yowl when she kicks him.

  50. Meela…you missed. Should have gone for the groin.

  51. Hahaha so Meela has learned something from hanging with Feral!

  52. i love hoe feral’s just like “Okay we’re leaving now” and scoops meela over his shoulder XD

  53. feral makes me think he doesnt like heights in the 3rd panel. but i doubt it

  54. Feral’s like a cat that almost fell off a three story building. Grab onto anything sturdy and connected to the ground lol

  55. Feral is strong. He just grabs Meela and takes off with her without being held back because of her weight (not saying she’s fat, but one does not simply pick up another one and take off with it with ease).

  56. Go, Meela, go! “Kick him in the head!” LOL!

  57. MEELA KICK!!!!!!!!

  58. Next time Meals, aim a little higher up and closer to the base of the tail


    : xD :

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