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Oh. Looks like you were wrong. He will be leaving!

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    Maybe one of those bird-people can rescue him.

  2. Er, except he did kinda just leave. By force mind you, but still. . .

    1. You wont leave…. ALIVE!!! MUHAHAHAH!

      1. Tsk! It’s always those technicalities.

        1. Dat Pic Is Pwerrrr-Fect

    2. LOL!

      1. I second that LOL

  3. I can’t wait a whole week for the new page D:

  4. Oh NOES!!!!!

  5. Repead: In what program it is drawn?


      Celesse uses Easy Paint Tool SAI, Corel Painter 9, and Adobe Photoshop CS3

      1. どうもありがとうございました!Спасибо большое! Thank you very much!))
        Color comics – the best!

  6. No Meela, you don’t start shouting your companion’s name during a heist…even if they’re about to fall to their death.

    Don’t die! FERAL!! T_T

    1. Ikr? Like in Serenity!
      “Every heist, he has to go calling my name…”

  7. It’s the ultra super kick!

    1. Aka, SPARTA KICK!

      1. AKA boot of +100 knockback


    1. Omnipotent_Chicken

      FERAL has fainted. Use next Pokemon?

      1. Go, Meela!

        1. Meela used Screech!

          Ohey thar, Allinah. I found you again?

      2. Feral is a bit like a pokemon, isn’t he?

        1. No. Feral is not at all Poké-like.

  9. “Well, you WILL be leaving, but you won’t like it!!” XD
    Feral! Nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!! <3
    (Meela!! Doooooo something!!)

    1. “what?!?!”

  10. AAAHHH so THATS why feral few a bajillion feet back from that kick, the guy used wind!
    I was wondering about that in the livestream o.o

    HMMM there are a lot of possible outcomes i can think of o.o

    1. feral grabs onto the last bit of ledge just in time
    2. he does fall (causes sadface) but doesn’t get that hurt
    3. meela with finally do something useful for feral :D
    4. someone saves him, any shape, way or form (which i hope he lands on holland XD)

    1. I know! I saw it an was all, ‘I understand now!’

  11. I think it’s funny. YOU SHALL NOT LEAVE HERE! Then he kicks him off a balcony. The man needs to make up his mind…

    1. My thoughts exactly XD

  12. The expressions in this comic never cease to amaze.

    Although Meela’s dinner-plate eyes might be a bit much…

  13. but he just left… out the window, stupid cat

  14. Ohhhh looking at the 6th panel, makes my fingernails hurt >3<

    1. Same here D8

  15. Maybe Meela will do that awesome red-eyed crazy attack that Feral did a while back in the inn. Hopefully she does something awesome though.

    On a side note, have not commented on this before. Just gotta tell you that I absolutely love your art style. I watch you on deviantart, too.

  16. NO! How could that feline do that!? D: poor Feral…i wonder how this is gonna end up like.

  17. Tuck ‘n roll, Feral. He just gave you an escape route. Meela can jump and you can catch her.


    owo;; plus, ahm, doesn`t Feral have magic too?

    1. Delusional-Weirdo


      … wait.

      1. Old Yeller got rabies! D: OH NO! FERAL’S GONNA GET RABIES!

  19. Just a feeling, but Feral grabs onto the ledge just in time, feline comes to gloat about how he could end Feral right then, then Feral uses the Shadow Stab of his on the dudes shadow and uses that to pull himself back onto the ledge and kick his butt. Meanwhile, we see Holland escaping only to see Feral hanging by an arm from the balcony. But, like I said: just a feeling.

  20. SpicyBleachedHead

    ….I bet that guy’s all talk. Feral just hasn’t beaten the crap out of him because he’s been in a good mood and didn’t want him to feel bad.

    ….Or he’s really just a trash talking junkie.

  21. Feral’s weakness must be getting hit in the chest! :D Anyhoo, this page is excellent! I like the suspense (although I know he’ll be alright)! C:

  22. Omg, the lighting in this page is amaaaaazing <3 <3 <3 love Love LOVE! it :) <3 Plus, gotta love Feral's flowy hair ^,^

  23. I think, Feral has some extra abilities and he will use them to stay alive lol At least there should be some purpose in his having a red eye lol

  24. Do you want to know what’s sad? Somehow for over two months, I thought Strays wasn’t uploading and didn’t see the little sidebar telling me where to find the uploads.


    1. Hey I did that too! *High fives*

  25. Took me some time to find the page I left off but seeing how I figured out where I was at woot!!

  26. Heh, if he were to be knocked over that balcony… he would be “leaving”…

  27. Also, why does everyone like to make “cats” the “bad guys” =/ I hope there is another feline along the line in this comic that is a “good guy”…

    1. Because cats are evil and bent on world domination. We know this. We have two of them.

      1. Aw, well it’s probably true.

      2. And here I thought cats were too lazy to care about such things.

        1. That’s why they haven’t actually taken over yet.

        2. Shinjite Florana

          If cats could talk — they wouldn’t. -_-

        3. shapeshifters16

          Yeah. They’re too lazy. I have 3.

          On the other hand, I think one of them is trying to turn into a vampire, so he can turn the others into vampires, then they can take over the WORLD. Idk. My cats are so weird like that.

      3. Lol Celesse. I have one cat…… However the only sinister thing she does is waking me up by leaping on everything in my room. Literally

  28. Wow, it’s a good thing Feral has fast reflexes! Otherwise he’d be SOL.

  29. CLIFF HANGER!! … literally

  30. Um… I think Chuck Norris has a TM on that kick. Using that power… heh.

  31. I am exceedingly enjoying catching up on this comic! I’d completely forgotten I used to read it until I spotted you on TMC; good thing you’re so high up on the list! But yes, my first thought when he kicked Feral out the window was, “…Yyyeah, looks like he IS leaving.” XD

  32. Ahem. sorry if this has been used already but…


  33. Really, really, like the CLANG font!

  34. Hang on, Feral! D:

    Can I just say I love how you change the whole feeling of the page just by changing the colour behind the panels. :)

  35. *sigh* the wind attacks /always/ get him in the end.

  36. Quick question, so far we’ve seen Lupians, Vulpians, Lyrians…and a felian (or just feline?). What other species are there?

    What physical characteristics do Lyrians have? Holland doesn’t seem to have any physical characteristic that is avianesque.

  37. If this is ever dubbed/animated this is my dream cast :

    Feral: no one XD
    Holland: todd haberkorn
    Meela: maxxy whitehead
    Piper: laura bailey (lust voice from the anime fullmetal alchemist)

  38. was that a magic kick?

  39. Wow…that oughta break a few ribs…

  40. Madness?

  41. There is no way he can kick harder then Feral!!!!!!

  42. (kick) pewwwww!

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