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Holland, you are quite a player, but you've also forgotten your part in the mission!

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  1. LOL, His ‘oh crap’ face is hilarious. <3

    1. Seventhed. C: and if it’s not a word, I’m making it one.

    2. I am in love with the fact that we got this going to 8 people! rofl!!!

    3. Now all we’re missing is the fifteenth person who will it be? A random person off the street? Your best friend? MY best friend? or……his mother? *points at random register guy at fast food restaurant*

      ((dun dun DUN))

      1. Random Person off the street :L

        I fifteenth it~! XD

    4. Just came back to this page after re-reading the comic and seeing all the replies of my comment…all I can say is…whattheidonteven…

    5. I don’t second it. I steal the first! AHOOYY. ff

  2. Delusional-Weirdo

    “Oh crap” is right, ya doofus. lawl

  3. So she can blush, that’s a novelty! Very nice panel overall, and Holland’s “Oh crap” face is indeed funny :)

    I discovered your comic through Fey Winds’ link page, and am loving every bit of it so far. Great work, I’ll be watching!

  4. Awesome page as always, the planted kiss panel in particular~

    Also, since I commented on the last page I couldn’t comment there again when I noticed, but it seems that Piper’s tail disappeared in the first panel where they start their conversation on the couch on the previous page.

  5. Dear Holland, you have such a nice OS-Moment face. xD

  6. AWWW That kiss was so cute!! <3

  7. it looks like her tail is directly behind her so she might be sitting on it

  8. you know, Holland reminds me of someone I know. If I told him that though, I’m sure if he’d be angry or happy :/

    Great page again, Celesse :D

  9. Aww Holland in super cute *_*

  10. I thinks on the 5th panel Holland should say “OHH GREAT BALLS OF FIRE!!”

  11. Wearing dresses and having tails must be an odd combination…

    1. It’s been done, by Florence Ambrose.

  12. hummm… i wonder how a bird/man would agong in this wolrd…

  13. Gotta love his ‘Oh Crap!’ face! XDDD

  14. i kinda feel all cool like cuz my last name is holland

  15. Hey look! A distraction!

  16. where did hollands tail go in the last panel.

    1. Holland doesn’t have a tail :P

  17. Those final panels are awesome! I love Holland. :D

  18. this makes me curious. can humans and species like piper have offspring?

    1. I think that’s here the term “half-breed” comes from. ;)

  19. I’m really liking Holland. =D

  20. I love Holland’s face XD

  21. “Oh, crap!” lolz xD

  22. Give those bitches kisses, Holland, bitches love kisses 8D

  23. run, Holland, run!!! The guards are on to your plan!!!

  24. SpicyBleachedHead

    Isn’t it convenient, to have some high royalty to be able to help you sneak into places and even to help you OUT of places? Hell yeah, Holland rules.

  25. I love Holland’s reaction: “Oh Crap!”

  26. Holland is a sweety~ And she is sooo cute! ~>_<~

  27. Hahahaha xD Holland is so cute and his “oh crap” face is just PERFECT; so hilarious! xDD You should do an avatar with that ;3

    Also, Piper blushing was like a new side of her I didn’t knew! …Kinda like it :3

  28. I love how her ears move with her emotions!
    Quick question, do Meela and Feral have doggie ears and choose to keep them down? I ask beause I remember reading somthing in the forum about foxpeople keeping their ears out to avoid being confused with wolfpeople.

    1. They can if they choose to have them visible. Vulpians have a more playful character and choose to have their ears visible to help avoid being confused as Lupians (even though the majority of vulpians have a white-tipped tail and lupians don’t).

      1. now this makes me curious. Are you making this up as you go along, or do you have specific behaviors for the different races?

        1. Nope. All of the races pretty much have specific behaviors that I’ve already established long before the comic.

  29. It’s so cute that a sweetiepie (lol) like Holland can make her blush X3

  30. Haha, don’t slack off Holland! Wonder if Pipers’ secret mission is to distract Holland from his mission… don’t know how that’d work, but things aren’t going so well!

  31. I love this comic. It has an amazing flow of characters and an amazing plotline! :3

  32. what the…

  33. Is it bad that I’m already shipping Holland and Piper? Probably but I’m a sucker for those relationships where they both have agenda but then fall in love but then hide it because they think that the other person has an agenda.

    Btw I love the way Piper’s ears pull back when she is mad :)

    1. Your comment..I feel the exact same way. HollandxPiper. ;-;

  34. Wow, I’ve been reading this series for the past hour, and I LOVE IT!!! Too bad it’s only updated every Friday… I wish I could read a new page everyday! Do you guys have a hard-cover book out, or plushies or something? I could so go for that. Also, I could see this being made into such a good tv show. :D

  35. Hollands face is going to very popular very quickly

    I will make sure of that!

  36. I like Viper, She’s sorta like an interference, Not really “Evil” and not really “Good” XD

  37. Love love love love

  38. They’re too cute :3 Their chemistry is so adorable~

    Excited to see the next page!

  39. X3 great page as always, really loving the direction things are going in and that it getting a bit more fast paced, cant wait to see what happens next! :)

    oh! Ive noticed the pretty chain thing around pipers waist is gone in that first panel, wasn’t sure if it’s was just not visible at that angle but thought i should mention it just in case.

    1. Ivory, you need to start coming to the livestreams again X3

  40. What is the program, you have to be draw?

  41. lol Holland’s face! “Oh Crap…”

  42. Haha, suddenly Holland reminds me of Ryou from YugiOh, especially his “Oh Crap!” face XD

  43. Oh my, that first panel is awesome. XD I love Holland’s “Bitch, please” face :D

    1. I told my friend (who doesn’t read Strays..shame on her) about that, and she laughed so hard.

  44. Holland: “And I want my wallet back before the night is over!”
    Piper: “How does he always know…”

  45. Holland’s famous “Oh crap!” face in the fifth panel and Piper’s face in the sixth back to back are just an awesome combo, haha. =)

  46. i love his “oh…Oh crap!” face lol we love u holland

  47. “Oh crap!” The best part about Holland’s line is that in my head he has been speaking with an incredibly proper accent this whole party, and it didn’t break for that line.

  48. XD Holland you cutie!

  49. did she just blush? *knowing smirk*

  50. I love Piper’s face in the 2nd panel…it’s so adorable! <3

  51. Touche.

  52. Kiss ALL the boys! D8<

  53. Hey look! A convenient distraction! Going now bai!

  54. sigh… Holland, you know not what you are getting tangled in…

  55. *facepalm* Why man xd

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