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Feral moves fast! And Meela decides that maybe she should cut her teeth on an easier opponent. We're at Otakon in the Artist Alley at tables T08 and T09 this weekend! If you're attending, be sure to stop by and see us!

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  1. Wooo!! Go Feral!! I hav been up all night and into the morning for this. Meela might want to be a lil less……whats the word im lookin for……overconfident?……i dont think so… im drawing a sudden blank.

    1. …Impetuous?

    2. Fatally assertive?

    3. nice replies!! XD they fit very well!!

  2. Yay Feral! He has long legs! XD

    1. FERAL KICK!!!!!!!!!

  3. Lol, it looks liek cancan XD’

  4. “You can have this one. I’ll get the next guard!”
    Pfft. Nice cover, Meela. :D

  5. Wooo!
    Whoa! at the end there, it looks like that “inspector” gaurd could chop of Feral’s leg with that knife. xD Ohnoees!

  6. Oh Meela, can you get any more cliched? (Not that I’m complaining, ’cause it’s cute)…
    But anyways, wolfy Feral saving the day once again

    1. lolz nice one.

      I was wondering why would cat dude kill her right there? That you stain the carpet you idiot.

  7. YES! Been waiting for this it seems like forever! I love Feral to death, and him protecting her just makes me go awww! :D Meela, you need to step back and take in the whole picture before you go fighting an evil cat enemy. :P

  8. Well, there’s always next time Meela. I’m sure you’ll get one sooner or later. By the way, did Feral’s sword get switched when I wasn’t looking? I remember him having a sword with a jeweled hilt.

    1. Feral To The Rescue!

  9. Of course we all knew Feral was going to step in and save the day <3
    Meela, you're too confident XD

  10. Yeah! Feral’s a boss!

  11. Oh Meela. Falcon kick the next one, then. lol

  12. Heeeeeey, Feral has new blade owo is his bag like, some kind of endless dimension where he puts all this stuff?

    1. Hammerspace <3

  13. Thats the same blade he’s had on his back for this chapter, who knows how many daggers and swords he actually owns lol. Love Feral and Meela so much, cant wait for the next page :)

  14. ohhh. I wish I can see what happens next! XD I hate waiting a whole week.
    I love Feral! <3 I also love Meela and Feral's relationship.

  15. This page. I did a triumphant chair dance when I saw it…which was basically me just flailing stupidly. 8D

  16. Hey! the sheath for his uber long knife is gone from his left leg!
    Anyways, go Feral Go! :3 Mangy mutts are better fighters than prissy puddycats anywho.

  17. i wonder if feral can do the can-can? lol.

  18. The cat-dude had a sheath on each leg when we saw him appear in the doorway, I think…? Nice page as usual :) I enjoy this comic so much!

    1. indeed he did. he had one for his sword on his left leg, but it has vanished lol


  20. Nom nom nom~ Protect your future bride Feral ~^_-~

    1. Lool. Makes me question the age difference.

      1. Does age difference matter when it comes to “their kind”? Wonder if they have the same hang ups as some humans do. If I remember correctly the new alpha in the flashback was MUCH younger than the old alpha’s mate…and he seemed more than willing to have her. Shouldn’t see a reason why the reverse couldn’t happen.

        1. Delusional-Weirdo

          The only ones who’d know for sure about the intricacies of the Lupians would be the artists creating it, but to address your point, it’s not rare for someone to like an older person or for an older person to like a younger one. However, Meela is 12 and Feral looks about a decade older. Currently (<–key word) it seems odd. If it were more like 12 and 15, it would be less odd. (Am I making sense?) In any case, I'm not nitpicking. My previous comment more a statement of curiosity than criticism.

          But in regards to the old female alpha… She's a milf. Nuff said. ;D

        2. Oh no no I didn’t take your comment as nitpicking at all! I was just kinda giving my own opinion about the age differences and such ;)

          And yes the old female alpha…I gotta agree with ya there.

        3. I can’t help but think Meela will hook up with Holland rather than Feral. he’s younger than Feral remember? He met him when he was ten and Feral was in his “teens”
          I like that a whole lot beter. Mostly because she continually refers to simarlarites(sp) between Feral and her brother.

    2. Who’s to even say that they r gonna be together he could be protecting her because she’s like his kid; daughter. And if anyone gets to kick her ass its him lol

  21. *sigh* And once again, Meela proves herself to be useless, while still failing to learn even a HINT of humility. Much less get a reality check. ;_;

    Don’t get me wrong, I love Feral. He’s a cool, fascinating fella. It’s just… I find it increasingly hard to like and root for Meela when she comes off as so… well… full of herself, for which she has no logical basis.

    1. Delusional-Weirdo

      I more thought of her as a puffer fish. :D She’s not really bloated, but she tries to “save face” by puffing herself up.

    2. Don’t worry, Meela will have a more hands-on part soon enough ;P

      1. Really?! Oh, good! I like this kid a lot and want to root for her and Feral becoming a badass fighting team. <3

      2. Starting to wish she didn’t have such a hands on part TnT

  22. Okay – now I’m starting to wonder if Meela has some freakishly awesome powers that no one knows about – or if she is indeed as overconfident as she acts! XD

    1. LOL You made me laugh. I must really get to bed now XD

      1. Yay! ^-^ I try! Hehe!
        Heheh! Aaawesome comic! I loooove it!

  23. Am I the only one who noticed that Feral is definitely reinforcing a double edged blade with his hand? It’s in both the 2nd and 3rd panels. >< Oops.

    If Meela doesn't want Feral, I'll take him. <3 I don't really see a romance any time soon, especially since she didn't really pick up on the whole Piper/Feral scene…Their relationship is much more sibling-like at the moment.

    1. Oops, I forgot to mention the Meela reminds me a lot of Arya Stark from A Song of Fire and Ice by George R.R. Martin (or Game of Thrones for those familiar with the HBO series).

    2. Actually, he has his hand on the flat of the blade, so he’s fine ;P

      1. Oh! Derp, okay. XD Thanks for clarifying. ^^

  24. now i’m he a monkey,cat,or lion…

    1. if you are talking about the Guard Dude, he is kittykitty. I personally don’t care for him very much though….. *glares at Guard Dude*

  25. Well a murderous dude needs killer help. Without moral or code.

  26. Even though it’s a little blurred, I love Feral’s expression in the second panel. Reminds me of Mrs. Weasley’s line in the last part of book seven of Harry Potter :3 if anyone gets what I’m saying without me giving spoilers then good on them ^^


    2. That part was a LOT more awesome in the book, but it was in the movie too. It took me a moment, and then I was just like OHHHH.

  27. I really loved it that Feral took time out to give Meela that look…”well?” Such a nice touch.
    I also like it that Meela talks a big game. Look, she’s a little girl, and she’s not physically very strong, nor has she been trained to be a fighter (I’m guessing)…but she needs SOME kind of defense, so she uses posturing and snark. It just wouldn’t be believable if she randomly started kicking everyone’s ass all of the sudden. To have moments where she gets in a lucky punch, okay, but I don’t mind her talking herself up like she does. It seems to be part of her personality and I think it’s cute. Besides, with Feral around, she can afford to bounce some checks, if you get what I mean!

  28. Feral? I think you missed. You should have kicked him where it hurts.

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