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Meela, I think this guy will be quite the challenge. What will Feral do?

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  1. Go Feral, go!~~

  2. Yeek, run Meela, run! I’m sure she can talk her way out of it, or Feral might just know the Cat over the head…ooh, can’t wait to see what happens next!



      1. Do a barrel roll!

      2. Well, he coooould use the Vulcan neck pinch ;)

      3. KAMEHAMEHA!!!!

    2. LMAO. Any of those would be fantastic But barrel roll > Vulcan death grab > Falcon punch would be the winning combo here, methinks.

      It’s unlikely she’ll get to be that badass right off the bat but I hope she gets to do SOMETHING cool before Feral jumps in.

      Hell, even if she just dodges and knocks out the guy’s legs out from under him, that could be very cool.

      1. Light-Punch, Light-Punch, Forward, Light-Kick, Heavy-Punch.

        Either you know what I’m talking about, or you don’t.

    3. Quick! Neuter that kitteh!


    5. Meela punch is best. jump, punch, stick to face, fall, recover.

  4. Where’d the knife come from?!? Gah! Save her feral! D8

    1. He has a sheath on his left leg that can’t be seen on this page. You can see it clearly on the previous page, though.


  6. Meela! Crane kick him into next week! This is the perfect time to teach Feral about being a bounty hunter!

  7. Still say yank the tail!

  8. Ahh! Run for it Meela!

  9. Poor Meela wanted a chance to fight before… I guess she should be careful what she wishes for. However I hope she kicks his but!

  10. Oh, no. That poor guy. Feral is going to MURDER him.

  11. You can do it Meela! Stand and fight!

    1. Yeah! That’s the spirit!

  12. Silly Meela. You never go on a mission without catnip. EVER.

    Awesome job as always, ladies!

  13. MENTION THE PRINCE! (or wait til Feral kicks his butt… either way works…)

  14. realy cool , make him a nice pussy cat. ^^

  15. Meela needs to learn how to fight! Feral won’t always be able to save her!

  16. …he isn’t at all sadistic… 0.o (I hope my sarcasm was properly relayed through this text)

    1. Just so you know, I got it as sarcastic, so I believe it was properly conveyed. :D

      1. Thank you kindly! ^-^ =D

  17. MEELA! QUICK! Woo him with the adorable puppy eyes! No one can resist… THE LOOK!

  18. I think Feral needs to save Meela now.. D:

  19. OoH! NO MEELA RUN!

    I do have an inkling though from looking at the second to last panel that we might find out about Feral’s red eye… will he use it to fight? either way, we all know there’s a part of him that cares for widdle Meela… :) Can’t wait to see what happens!~ :D

    1. I know he cares about her! It is soo sweet when he acts like he doesn’t but ~ he really does. I love their relationship! :)

      Also I hope we see Feral’s red eye too! ooo so excited for the next page!!

    2. LOL LASER EYE!!! *pweeewwww!!!*

  20. Feral gonna make him suffer muahahahahahaahah *evil laugh*

  21. Quick, throw a catnip toy Meela!! D: You can escape while he is busy!

    In all seriousness, Feral is a wolf. This dude is a cat. This dude’s gonna get pwned.

  22. Show him your skills Meela! Or, you know, let Feral beat him up 8D

    Question about the feline guy though: Is he like house-cat feline or tiger/lion feline? Either way Feral will kick his but XD

  23. Omg this is exciting, such a build up. Huuurrgh. Come on Meela fight and show how awesome you can be to Feral! Or even have Feral kick that kitties butt, but then, that could lead to drastic consequences. RUN MEELA RUUUNNN

  24. Aw crap, that’s no good.

  25. Something interesting about widow’s peaks: most of them belong to the bad guys.

  26. I wonder if he’s just screwing with her to see if she’ll admit she isn’t really lost… =O

  27. call me wrong (likelihood is I am…), but i think he’s just messing with her head

  28. go Meela! Tell him you’re with Prince Holland! He’s a prince! He can’t get away with anything then. Show Feral how you can think on your feet! ;)

  29. Ooooh, Feral will SO kick hiss ass XD

  30. All she has to do is mention “PRINCE HOLLAND” and get out of there free, I mean what is she doing. D:

    1. heh, yeah, but that`d be the easy way out–I totally wanna see Feral go beast and kick that kitty`s tail XD

  31. The question isn’t ‘will meela get away or not’ the question is ‘will it be Meela or Feral who beats the crap out of him?’


  33. i cant decide if i want Meela to kick his but or Feral to kick it. Also could Holland come save the day?

  34. Perhaps if she were to mention a certain Prince…

    Of course, I’m sure Feral could handle that feline without too much trouble; but attracting attention is probably not what they’re aiming for.

  35. yikes, things don’t look to good for Meela, wonder what will happen next 0-0

    it also just occurred to me that Holland was supposed to be distracting ‘The Lord’ but is instead spending his time with Piper, i predict something unexpected will happen >:3 great job as always keep it up <3

  36. Uh oh Meela. Feral she needs help now… It would be cool if just when he was bout to strike, Meela Transformed into a wolf. :3 I can’t wait to see the next page! :D <3

  37. Feral will save the day, either kill or knock him out.

  38. Feral is gettin mad! I want to see the next page quick!!

  39. Just wanted to say that this comic is AMAZING!!! There is so much detail in each scene and the storyline is phenomenal!!! The character’s expressions are wonderful!!!! Keep up the great work!!!! :D

  40. oooooooooooooooooohhh!! the suspensssssssseee! It’s killing meh!!! *falls out of chair dead*

  41. Oooo….go Feral….kick his ass!!! >_<

  42. at first i showed this to my roommate and she thought he was a woman…

  43. Feral’s going into crazy big brother mode ;P

  44. Late to the party (D: whyyyy) but am I the only one who think he looks like the guy that killed Yuen’s mom? (I say it that way because the name escapes me. I’m not a true fan of this web comic yet.) But maybe it’s just ’cause of the nice tat on his cheek. xD

    1. Nah, he’s a pussy, not a skunked-haired douche

  45. While the cat is a total douche, I’ll admit he looks pretty good.

  46. awww Visrial ♥

  47. I’m a big fan! Love your comics!

  48. Feral’s red aye… :D :D :D

  49. Maybe she should mention she is the servant to Prince

  50. kamehameha the first and second are all Hawaiian kings.. is that your motto or something?

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