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  1. Dun, dun duuuuuuuuuuuuun~! ^^

  2. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

    This whole page is AWESOME!

  3. Srs bsns face.

  4. Feral you look (Little music note) AWESOME (Little music note)

    1. Bum bum bum (epic boss music) challenger feral wants to battle stats
      attack: Boss
      Defense: Boss
      Speed: Boss

  5. omg im a feral fangirl *squeal!*

    1. and I’m a feral fanboy *double squeal!!* he looks super creepy. Cue J-Rock background music and we have an intro.

  6. and we get our first look at feral :3

  7. Enter Feral McBadassery.

  8. *blinks* *jawdrop* OH. MAH. OMIGOSH!! this HAS to be the best page in the entire comic! forget Meela, Feral is HOT!

    1. thats what im sayin :D


  10. And….enter sexy man ;o

  11. meelas face looks weird in the bottom panel. something about the eyes methinks

    1. and the mouth. maybe the shoulders too

    2. She looks like an Elf in that panel.

  12. Enter the awesomeness of Feral…

  13. This first look at Feral is still the most menacing =) He looks so dangerous here!!

    1. Yeah, because after this, you realize he’s just a big softy! :P
      Sorry, spoilers for people who’re just reading this for the first time….

  14. Reminded me of Kakashi in Naruto for a moment there with the eyes xD Great work =]

  15. Listening to Gangman Style while Feral enters is just the best opening sequence ever to exist.

    1. BAHAHAHAHAHA it totally is! XD

  16. Pfff SOMEONE got up on the wrong side of the bed… and then started throwing dudes into little girls’ shelters…

    Shame on you, Feral! *tut tut*

  17. i believe this is when we play back in black

  18. Holy crap dead or alive just came on! Perfect Feral theme! I’m wanted deas or alive! Hehe

  19. Best page EVA!!! God, Feral’s HAWT!!

  20. Did anyone else notice the change in attire?

  21. My goodness. He’s scary,yet sexy!

  22. This is my absolute fav page XP

  23. Must admit he has a pretty good weapon set.

  24. I love Farel in this page…the eyes are awesome <3
    This is a total Rez moment with the eyes(exept Rezishiera's eye colores are on opposite eyes and the green is…well actually it could be green, since Rez's left eye changes color to his mood…anyway, Rez doesn't have a black pupil, it's the same color as his eye, but a little darker.)

  25. Oh, btw, Rez is my character in a book/manga i’m writing…he’s a half dragoon(a dragon-wolf hybrid) and is (spioler) also a mute like farel in the begining.

  26. Oh my god FERAL! I’m so glad I decided to retread this :DDDDD

  27. Camolot the Creator


  28. Man, I love it when there’s broad-shouldered muscular guys as main characters. Really don’t see enough of them, except as antagonists.

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