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My, my. Piper does get around, doesn't she? We have a new vote incentive! Vote to see a new chibi image of Holland, which will be available as prints and charms at this year's conventions!

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  1. Ah! Ah! We can comment now? I love this comic. The characters are developed so I feel really close to them. I also love how the colors are so appropriate for each character and the clothes for them seem well thought out for their environment instead of “vague cliche outfit #6 on vague stock character #2”

    1. Whaddya mean yall can comment now? Has this page had a slight glitch before? HaloOkami

      1. The comment system was added in 2011. owo

      2. Why do you always end your comments with HaloOkami?

        1. Some folks hells of fond of their own handle.
          The whole sign-off thing is a tad odd perhaps… but anyone else with a respect for bicapital camelCase is fine by me.

  2. Bahaha, they know each other? Wow…
    And we can comment now? Huzzah!

  3. I love the new layout. I have been a faithful reader of this comic since it started and I look forward to the updates every Friday. Keep up the great work! :)


    Piper ftw. XD

  5. Ohh~ The new style of the site is awesome x3
    And we can write comment now yays-!

    I wonder how they know each other from the past o – o *giggles*
    Can’t wait to see next page :3

  6. Yay! I love this comic. The characters always make me laugh so hard!

  7. Really good comic! But I hate Piper–she thinks she’s so hot. That b**ch…
    Holland on the other hand is quite cool. :D

    Anyways, cool new design guys!

  8. Alright! Comment capabilities get!

    Been reading the comic since the beginning, and I’ve really enjoyed it. The characters have defined, realistic personalities, and the mysteries are intriguing. Oh, and the art is pretty, of course!

    Looking forward to the future of Strays!

  9. Comment! comment! comment! Yay! I’m excited! I love the new site layout!

  10. YES! COMMENTING, YES! What can I say? I’ve been keeping track of this comic since Piper was introduced? This comic is amazing and I love the characters and how they intereact! Keep up the great work!

  11. Whee! Comment box! I don’t remember where this comic was exactly when I started reading it, not far, maybe twenty or thirty pages, but I love it! *Snuggles Feral* Such a tough guy but so adorable when he’s annoyed. XD Which is fairly often. >.> I love the deep characters and interesting character development and how well you pull off a character with the inability to speak. It helps of course that this is a comic strip and the facial cues are more than sufficient to give us an idea what he’s thinking, but still, hat’s off to you! And Piper sure is a confident thing, isn’t she? X3

  12. Oh, joy! Comments! I absolutely LOVE Strays, and I’m planning on buying the first book. =) I’ve been a fan since. . . uhm. Pretty early on, and never regretted it! I really love your art style and the characters, backgrounds, layouts. . . it’s just perfect.

  13. Piper’s looking positively sexy in her new red dress. :) You guys always do such a gorgeous job on your pages. <3

    And, I'm glad I can finally comment! :D

  14. At last I can comment! XD Yeah, I know I had the forums before (and now) but I like this better! Well, as many fans, I’ve been following Strays for a long time now, and I’m surprised that how much it catched me from the beginning! My congratulations to you two for such a perfect job in everything! Comic, stores, etc. By the way, it’s been a surpise too to see that Holland and Piper know each other, even if I should had deducted that when he recognized the pendant. Alright, time to go now. I’ll be waiting for next update! :D

  15. I like Piper. I like that she’s curvy instead of being a stick. I like her flirty (mis)behavior, I like that she’s an independent woman.

    Lovely page. Looking forward to the next update!

  16. The new site design is awesome!
    And oh, I love how shiny Piper’s dress is. <3

    I've been thinking about how much time I've been following Strays, and I was surprised to realize that when I arrived here — I recall that the comic had 112 pages — it was 2009. Almost three years admiring your amazing work!

  17. Hahaha Piper’s a slick one, alright, but not slick enough.
    Can’t wait for more :3

  18. My my my~ What have we here? A new comment space?? Very nice. Very nice indeed. ;)

    Piper’s just all in the middle of everything~ Hahah
    I do wonder what funny face Feral’s going to make if he sees her again.

  19. I love Holland personality thoughout the comic and he’s also quit mysteriesO.e

  20. Ahh! We can comment now! Cool :D

    It both does and doesn’t surprise me that Holland and Piper are acquainted. Holland seems like the type to know just about everyone XD

    Also, I love Piper’s dress. She’s so pretty :3

    Anyway, this page aside, I like the new layout. I have to say, I’ve been reading Strays pretty much since the beginning, and it’s one of my favorite comics :] Really fun, unique characters, pretty art, and an interesting story. Awesome job, keep it up :D

  21. This comic is so great! The characters all have very diverse and unique personalities, and you can feel their emotions very clearly. The art is absolutely amazing- I love all the details- and the plot is unceasingly interesting. This is far superior to most other comics I have read in so many ways, I can’t wait for the next update!

  22. This is so exciting! *starts flailing like a happy retard* xD

  23. It seems everyone enjoys the comment system! :D My my, Piper does seem to want to be ‘Mrs. goody-goody-two-shoes’ :P

  24. LOOOOOVE this comic! <3 can't wait for more updates <3

  25. Love this!! Just started reading today!! :)

  26. Ah, then it seems the two knives were a finder’s fee.

  27. So that explains why the last almost 200 pages had barely any comments…

    Well at least that (sorta) explains why she was that, for lack of a better word, desperate to get it back when she lost it…

  28. Kudos to the new layout.
    This story gets more and more interesting with every page!

  29. I gotta say, I think I prefer Piper/Holland than Feral/Piper, even though they were making out like 3 chapters ago. XD They seem to fit better, while Feral’s his grumpy little self. <333
    This comic is genius, I've been following for two and a half years. :D

  30. Agreed~ The interaction between Piper and Holland seems much more amusing and promising~

    But I tend to be one of those shipper people so I’m trying to keep myself level headed hahaha

  31. Has nobody noticed the extreme coincidence that Meela sells Holland his (I mistyped that pronoun as ‘her’ several times, lol) pendant back?

  32. I wonder how mad Feral will be if he finds out it was Holland’s foolishness that got the pendant stolen which is the reason he had to hunt down Piper and go through Meela-induced hell. I would pay good money to see his expression. :3

  33. Shay Guy (@shay_guy)

    It was only in the last couple days that I realized Strays had completely slipped off my radar — I think because of a link from The Meek? Looks like the site overhaul that happened at this point broke the RSS feed and I didn’t notice until now. 14 months later. >_>

    Looks like I’ve got some catching up to do.

  34. Shay Guy (@shay_guy)

    Also, do I detect some Saffron in Piper’s DNA? Just askin’.

  35. I just realized that Piper always has her fox ears out, but no one else does that. I wonder why that is?

  36. Yet anothervIrene Adler moment…

  37. Piper you dirty fox! ;)

  38. So did Piper and Holland have a thing?

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