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Holland and Meela prepare to make their entrance, but what is this? A strange chime from the woods? What trouble could be lurking now...

22 thoughts on “Page 170

  1. Yuen!?

    1. MasterassassinMan

      Since when does yuen jingle?!

      1. Perfect gravatar for that response MaM

        1. Haha! It is, isn’t it? :D

        2. You had the perfect Gravatar for that response…

  2. Narration: And thus the trio make their way to the castle but apparently they are not the only ones… What mysterious being and/or devious creature shall take the the stage this time!?

    1. when i read your comment, the narrator’s voice was the voice of the Pokemon narrator.

      1. Same here, Ash and his friends better watch out…I mean Meela and her friends…

        You know what I suddenly heard Stan Lee speaking that part :D

  3. rereading and for some reason thought the jingle might be Das Erlkonig…

    1. Der Erlk├Ânig :D

      Just wanted to show that a German Girl is (re)reading the Comic :3

  4. I’m rereading the whole thing and I just noticed that jingle.
    There are so many little things here and there that after a while you forget they were there haha

  5. It’s just another person ariving for the party silly people *pats you all on the head*

  6. Or is it? =_=

  7. Death is coming a…..jingling. So what is that jingling anyway?

  8. Omigash if you’ve seen the recent page, then the jingle in this page is really Jyaku! O3O HE’S BEEN THERE THE WHOLE TIME, FOLLOWING THEM. O^O CREEEPPPYYY

    1. No! You Ruin it for them! You NEVER REVAL THE STALKER!

      1. To be fair, they have no idea who Jyaku is… o3o

        1. shapeshifters16

          True that.

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