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Faced with a frilly pink dress, Meela decides playing a servant might not be so bad after all.

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  1. Excellent choice Meela.

  2. where /does/ this stuff come from?

    1. his bag is a magical bag into which he can fit everything inside…..(jk)

      1. Pfft, NO!

        He stole it from Mary Poppins, duh! xD

  3. We’ve already seen that Feral has amazing tetris skill, as relating to folding and whatnot. It must a common skill for males in this setting ^_^

    Also, no pink dress? :(

  4. I thought as much.

  5. *dress* THE HORROR

  6. G e t out A l i ve

    My mind is blown from Holland…

    It truly is.

  7. Lol, the fifth panel cracks me up. He’s all like *WTH?!*

  8. Uh huh.

  9. I love how Holland stays so calm in the face of Feral’s anger…

  10. “She won’t get hurt or anything,” kdljsflkjlkajlkjflkaj ;-;

  11. It’s times like this when I kinda wish Feral could talk…then again, with that face, he really doesn’t need words, does he?

  12. hehehe *angry face thumb-point* “THAT thing almost got us both killed! You expect me to take her?? AGAIN?!? “

  13. “It’s my little sister’s.” Yeah, right. He totally wears it. XD

    1. Totally. But hey, I don’t judge. XD

      1. Me neither. I don’t judge. I just laugh at the mental image of him wearing it.

    2. I was just thinking that. DEM FRILLS

  14. Punch him punch him!!

  15. feral mirroiring meelas horror face

  16. if i had to wear that abomination i would go goth

  17. Whenever I read this panel I thought of the slaviers winter ball the entire panel

  18. “she wont get hurt or anything!


  19. How many siblings does Holland HAVE?? He said he has 4 brothers, but also a little sister? XD

    1. He has four older brothers and one younger sister.

    2. Royal families are often rather big ^^ Better chance of having a successor to the throne.

  20. Is Feral protecting Meela from danger or trying to make sure she doesn’t get in the way? Either way Holland put both answers out

  21. Holland had those dresses all along thanks to info from our mysterious deer friend

  22. I’d really like to see Meela in that dress.. I feel like she’d be super cute!! c:

  23. invader superwholock firefly class

    Stray characters relate to witch and wizard characters
    Feral is whit
    Meela is wisty
    And Holland,
    Well he is bryon

  24. How many female clothes had in that bag, Holland?! And he always carry them with him??? o.O

  25. I love how Holland just smiles for this entire page. Even when Feral is giving him the death glare. (I love that expression XD He’s like “Wait, her? With me? I don’t want her!”)

  26. pink would not look good on meela

  27. “Mixed in.” ;)

  28. Heh. That would be my reaction to that dress as well. I only own one dress and I go out of my way to avoid wearing it.

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