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Holland lays out the plan, but where on earth did he get that dress?

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  1. Oh my gosh, pink. MUST SEE PUPPY IN DRESS!

  2. Well… I actually want a scene of her wearing that just to see Ferals face.

  3. ….If it was me, I’d sooner go pretending to be a servant than a guest if I had to wear that.
    Nothing (that much) against pink… more like fluffy. and frills. and….

    1. It would be awesome if the pink was replaced with black.

  4. …where had he been keeping that?

  5. MasterassassinMan

    Omg, i was gonna say this on earlier panel but decided not to, but ima say it now… He fruity!

  6. The more I see of Holland, the more he reminds me of Fay from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle. Anyone else see the resemblance?

    1. Holy fail. I was juuust thinking that. Feral`s not exactly a Kuro-chan though…almost.

  7. Oh my gosh! I just realized! Holland like kind of like Fai, Feral is kind of like Kurogane, and Meela is kind of like Sakura! XD

    1. i wouldn’t say Meela is like Sakura…if anything she’s like a syoran that can’t fight

    2. I guess Feral is a lot like Kurogane, but Meela.. She’s a character all her own!

    3. if this ever became an anime (fingers crossed!) the guy who plays fai (vic mignogna) should voice holland! ever heard of an anime called ouran highschool host club? holland = tamaki suoh!

      1. Haha, yes! Identical to Tamaki!

      2. OH MY WORD! EXACTLY!!! Just slightly more mellow.

  8. =.= …. that guy has issues…

  9. Knew it. Lolicon.

  10. “Sneek” should be “sneak”!

    1. Whoops! Thanks for catching that.

      1. Also, in the second frame, “with” is spelled “wtih.” Sorry, I had to point that out. I love the comic so far!

  11. … okay…. so does he just carry are frilly little girl dresses when he’s traveling??

  12. OMG, Holland is so CUTE in that last panel. Did anyone else see this page on April Fools Day?

  13. Zomg, Holland’s face is adorable! You know he’s hoping Meela will let him dress her up like a baby doll XD

  14. Don’t know if it’s intentional or not, but in the second to last panel, Meela says “posting” and not “posing”.

    1. U R right it’s a typo!

  15. i like pink & all , but thats just wrong!!!!!!!!!!

  16. creeping holland in the third panel

  17. Two things to say:
    1.) I get the feeling Holland is a homo…


    2.) I don’t wear regular dresses, if I were Meela, I would NEVER wear that 0__0

  18. I’m getting a feeling that Holland is gay.

  19. That white haired guy, Holland, reminds me of Xerxes Break from Pandora Hearts in the last panel (pink dress).

  20. Guys……. Feral dosen’t have any Clan marks… Who else from the “dreams” dosent have any clan marks and says “beacuse I’m not going to stay in my little clan forever”……. duh. -_-

  21. That…Dress…Is…Gorgeous!!! Yes I’m a man who likes pretty and pink dresses get over it >.< I played with barbie as a kid with my sister so that got me into it xD

  22. Absolutely love how Holland is talking with his hands/body/facial expressions while he talks about he plan. It’s just adorable!!

  23. WAIT!!! If Holland didn’t know that Meela was gonna be there, then why was he carrying around a pink frilly dress?!?! 8(

  24. Ahahah, horror dress x’D
    Holland is nice, cute, interessant and all, but he has terrible taste in female dresses!!

  25. I know hes a boy but I keep imagining holland as a girl. strange

  26. Holland screw you and weird face.

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