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  1. Oh noes! I is scared for da mommy :(

  2. Okay, now I dunno if Mal is Feral, because that bag looks very much like the bag he has with him all the time. o.o

    1. This is Yuen, not Mal…

      1. You didn’t read my comment correctly. Reworded; I thought Mal was Feral, but after seeing that bag I was starting to wonder if Yuen could be.

    2. its not the same bag ferals got but its the same messenger bag style

  3. san has a very good point :)

  4. Wait…isn’t that Ferals bag?

  5. Poor Avela… She’s so pretty I love her outift!

  6. I have to admit, Korin’s entrance here was VERY well done!

  7. what did he knock on if they’re in a tent?

    1. Oh, wait, it’s a wood house with a flap door. O_O Derp.

  8. Isn’t that technically his Aunt?……. A new version of incest???? O~o

  9. ……it looks like that guy has boobs.

  10. Am I the only one who notices the hair above Korin’s belt?

  11. Wait…how did he knock on a curtain…dude…skills.

    1. Wooden doorframe.

  12. NO! Don’t kill her…

  13. He may be evil but he’s still sexy.

  14. Jacket, I’m pretty sure those boobs are actually large pectoral muscles. With all that sword-fighting, he needs them to be well developed. Not to be rude or anything!

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