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  1. Poor Feral… Horses don’t like him. It knows he’s a preditor!

  2. Feral: *nice and easy…*
    Horse: …
    Feral: *tries to get reins*

    1. You have won a pedobear.

      1. lol! yeeessshhh!!! XD

    2. This comment always makes me laugh my ass off XD Love it

  3. Horses get skittish around half-demons, NATURALLY…

    1. Makes sense to me…

  4. Horses, Wolves, People, Animal/People Hybrids…
    Fight scenes…
    Is there anything you guys can’t draw?! O.o

    1. Hey I commend them on fingers. Fingers are hard to draw.

      1. true that! I always draw people from angles where you can’t see their hands coz i suck at drawing them!

        1. Agreed and agreed! I really have no idea how you guys do this so WELL!!!!

        2. you just need to sculpt the angles then build a rough sketch it takes a long time to get it perfect but take time , time and youll get it right :)

          From Some RAndom Girl Who Can Draw Well

      2. I can draw fingers, or at least the shape of them. I just have trouble with scale. Hands always end up too big or too small when I do them, but at least the fingers are the right shape.

        Funny thing is I found the best way to draw fingers is to start at the nail and work your way back to the knuckle, rather than the other way around.

  5. I wonder, is that horse scared of his demon eye or his being a wolf? If that’s the case, I wonder why Meela’s horse is calmer.

    1. NO no it’s just FERAL you should know that about him by now. Feral is… well… Feral

  6. I think the horses reaction has more to do with the fact that Feral is afraid of horses, horses sense fear and it makes them really skittish.

  7. *deep anouncing voice*
    Feral Versus Horse!
    1 2 3 staaaaaaaaaaaaaaare off!

  8. Horse (in panel 5): Don’t even think about it…

  9. Yeah, come to think of it Feral did mention that he couldn’t ride horses in his conversation with Piper earlier.

  10. As Sherlock Holmes would say: “dangerous on both ends and crafty in the middle”. XD

    1. You.

      I like you.

  11. If I recall correctly it went a little like this:
    “Really?? You really don’t know how to ride a horse? Oh, my goodness-” *giggle*
    … I wonder why.

  12. Whinny? The pooh

  13. And thus a horsey girl like me wonders what kind of bad horse experience Feral had to make him fear the beasts-

  14. Hi veridith its Khy

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