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  1. Hmmm…. HALF demons, you say?

    1. One does wonder how does that happen, with demons being, well, demons.

      1. The same way you got half-orcs, and half-squid girls (wait, ‘half-squid’ is accepted, but ‘half-orc’ isn’t? o_O)

  2. Half demons just want to be left alone, eh?? *looks at Feral* Staare~ >.>

    1. Just after they met, Meela asked Feral if he was a demon and he said no. Have to agree that it does sound like Feral, though!

      1. I dunno, mute people can’t lie? I thought it was blind boys don’t lie?

      2. She asked if he was a demon, not a HALF demon :3 or maybe he doesnt know what he is, oh ho ho ho

    2. You all forget how he reacted to the question.

    3. You all forget how he reacted to the question. Dont you remember?

  3. Half demons? *InuYasha ear perk*

    1. Merlin as well.

      1. merlin was half fairy, not demon.

  4. AnastasiaPenelopeAmberlove

    Figuring from page 150 on panel 3 and this page, panel 4

    Is Holland………gay? O.o

    1. Lol, no, he’s not. He’s just flamboyant and upbeat.

    2. LOL! And adorable!

      1. I dunno I think there’s some bromance goin’ on there XD

  5. Panel 6…. Belly button! XD

    1. its all I could stare at on this whole page!

  6. Ah…. panel four! I love Holland. Feral disapproves.

  7. blaaaaargh Holland’s… Belly Tunic thing is really bothering me >.> Dunno why.

  8. Ok Holland: Little pink flowers, shinys and an little heart… O3o *eye twitch*

  9. Harmless demons… yeah, like Buwaro. =)

    1. Buwaro is so cute…and Rhea…..well she’s just Rhea.

    2. I’m glad I wasn’t the only one here thinking of Buwaro XD

  10. Avela and Terin are Feral’s parents. If a half demon is what I think it is (half whatever, half demon), then Feral can’t be one because his parents were lupians.

  11. Meela seems really happy in this and the last few pages, she must be happy to talk to somebody who can talk back C:

  12. Panel 4. Holland’s face- HILARIOUS!!

  13. in panel 3……Meela reminded me of Rue from the Hunger Games……

  14. I can’t get it out of my head now that Meela’s a Half Demon. Its got to be the only expo…. Right…? RIGHT?

  15. How many faces, Holand… CAN YOU MAKE?

  16. Holland has a cute belly button ^3^

  17. half-demons you say?

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