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  1. Ah, more world information. And not as bad as I though.

  2. “That’s the scroll Feral took from the guy the night we met! The first time I saw him kick somebody in the head after he destroyed both my fire and my shelter! But why do you have it?”

    Hidden context…

  3. Haha, Christianity reference. Gotta love em.

    1. Nobody expects the Lyrian Inqusition!

    2. Actually, I was thinking more like Nazis.

      1. Nazi is what I thought too! Glad I wasn’t the only one

    3. I don’t see any references to Christianity, I do see a reference to Nazism though. If you think Christians go around preaching about ‘pure’ societies where people who ‘don’t fit’ get rounded up, you need to read some history.

      Also, the sole purpose of the Spanish Inquisition was to hunt for traitors to the Spanish Crown, FYI.

      1. Thank you for saying it!

      2. You need to reread your fucking buy-bull if you DON’T think religion is about killing everyone not like you

        Christianity has moved past that point, but look to the middle east

        They’re still in the religion-imposed dark ages, stealing what tech they can from wars they incite, killing those that aren’t like them

        1. There is plenty of violence in the Bible, but it’s not all from Christians or Christianity. The pagan religions fought and persecuted people who didn’t believe in their gods as well. It was a violent time.

          The problem isn’t religion, the problem is that the whole world can’t and won’t agree on the same thing, because humans can think for themselves. If the whole world agreed with Christianity, there wouldn’t be as much conflict. If the whole world agreed on atheism, there wouldn’t be as much conflict. But people have free will, and can decide to believe whatever they like, and when there is a community who try to enforce their beliefs on people, it can lead to war and violence.

          I’m not saying free will is a bad thing; there are good things about it and bad things. But there are always consequences.

          And yes, the middle east has a ton of violence because of this. I totally agree with you there.

          I don’t even know why I’m discussing this on a web comic XD

        2. hikariangelwings

          Religion gives people a way to justify atrocities and discrimination in their heads as well as a way to feel superior thinking that everyone who disagrees with them is going to burn and be tortured for all eternity after death (with no real evidence, just a belief so they can feel “righteous” or superior or some crap). It also lets people find a way to shrug off responsibility for their actions as they can say that either
          a) God/gods wanted it and they were doing what their religion says (which tends to line up with whatever is convenient for them/they want)
          b) God/gods will or have forgiven me so I don’t have to feel guilty anymore (aka “saved” through belief)

          Organized religion is just f-ked up to be honest. It isn’t “agreeing” it is the fact that the religions themselves are for wiping out differing ideologies by directly stating that those who don’t agree are to be punished/killed or are lesser or needing of converting. People can believe whatever the heck they want but the second that belief says that those who don’t believe it need to be killed or anyone who doesn’t believe it is not saved/is going to be punished in some way after death (or is lesser) you have a bigger problem.

  4. Feral’s ANGER face! Holland had better watch out!


  6. AHH!!! IN the first panel it’s the cute guy again!! <3 I have no Idea he's just cute… To bad Feral kicked him in the head.

  7. So what kind of bird is Holland? A cuckoo bird, LOL! ^.^

  8. In the last panel Feral looks like he’s being yelled at in school.

  9. OHOHO- Best Holland line ever

    1. seconded.
      and his expression is even better

  10. OMG Holland is the only guy I can remember pulling off the noblewoman’s laugh well.

    1. Actually, his laugh kind of reminds me of Tanaka’s laugh from the anime Black Butler…Of course, some, if not most of you probably haven’t heard of that…But that laugh was exactly what I imagined for Holland.

      1. now that you mention it….


  12. Question!!! If there are wolfs and bird people, are there any others like fish?

    1. Yeah, they live at the top of the tallest mountain

  13. -Hides in my corner- Holland is sooo much like me, we could almost be twins.

  14. 2nd panel, i would definitely buy a button of Holland’s face right there XD
    Holland – ohoho!
    Feral – i’m going to strangle you now

  15. “Harmless demons”
    So basically Buwaro from Slightly Damned? I don’t think you can get any more harmless than that! XD

  16. Feral in the last panel: “Here we go again, bored already and he’s still got the whole day to talk!”

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