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  1. Um… He’s the contact? Well I say your both doomed. I for one shall stay far away from this.

    1. Yes. Far away, such as on the other side of magic one way mirror that shows pictures from other dimensions while laughing your butt off at the coming misfortune.
      At least, that’s what I’m doing.

      1. Best. Phrasing. Ever.
        I commend you. XD

      2. “Reality is just another fantasy. I’m being watched right now. You have 7 days.”

        1. crap your onto us!!!

      3. That is an amazing statement!

  2. I guess Feral does NOT appreciate being the subject of a joke.

    1. I know right? He just throws a knife at Holland… You know I have a feeling he didn’t miss on purpose…

  3. O mai garsh! there’s a speach bubble hovering over Feral’s head!

  4. Hey, wait a second…
    How did Meela know Piper’s name?
    (Oh, I bet she was listening in on their conversation at the Stumble Inn..)

    …Sorry, late reactions are very late. .-.

  5. lol both of there faces are saying “that thing!” But in different ways. Meela’s is like, “I remember that! He kicked a guy in the head for that! Its because of that i’m here!” And Feral’s says, “That thing was the cause for this nightmare to be following me.”


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