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  1. I wonder what happened to his arms. Since he always wear gloves, even when he was fishing.

  2. aaaaaawwwww!!!!! feral looks soooo cuuuuute!!!!! >w<

  3. Aw, poor Feral :( Holland was so cute when he was little! x3

    1. i know!!!! <3

      1. Holland is sooo cuteeeeee! <3<3<3

        1. your pic and what you just said does not go well together

    2. like he isn’t cute enough already. he’s so cute when he’s five it hurts ;v;

  4. I’m not sure what happened to his hands, but he doesn’t always wear gloves. When they were in the inn he took off his shirt and gloves. I didn’t see any scars. O.o Hm. . .

    1. To be fair, when he takes off the gloves at the inn long enough to change, we only see the outside of one arm. He even wears gloves to bed. Combined with recent events, I’d say it’s more likely he’s hiding something on his hands/palms than his arms. But I could be just way, way reading into it…


      1. Egh, I was more of responding to the guy that said he always wears gloves and there was something up with his arms. Lol. But you’re right. Perhaps we shall see later on what’s up with that~!

        1. Hey Holland wears gloves too!!

  5. I am now officially in love with Flashback Fluffy!
    Has anyone else noticed that Holland’s shirt doesn’t cover his belly button?

    1. Yes! That’s the only thing that bugs me about his outfit. Otherwise, I love it!

      1. Yea I know now it’s making me want to poke him. XD

  6. I always forget that Holland is quite a bit younger than Feral Haha :D

  7. celesse, how old is little holland when he stumbles across feral here?

    1. ten yrs or younger I would say

      1. he only looks about 6 to me <3

  8. This Whole Page has !CUTENESS! written all over it!!

  9. Holland sees a strange teenager covered in bandages and decides he can trust him. Well done Holland. You were an odd child.

    1. That just made laugh! Sarcastic moments are funny! Yes Holland, you are very VERY odd…

      Love the comic and always will! XDDD

      1. I meant made ME laugh, but I’m sure it’ll make everyone laugh as well XDDD

  10. Panel 7 is not chibi, but it’s even cuter!!!

  11. well it’s 10 years earlier feral is 28 now which makes him 18 then and holland is 19 now so is 9 then

    1. i may be off maybe a year

  12. Feral was so skinny when Holland found him. X3

  13. D’aww Holland is sooo cute :)

  14. Has anyone else noticed that Feral has a habit of kids following him around? First Halland and now Meela…There’s something about him and kids being drawn to him…Another clue to his past? Speaking of which, why can’t he remember anything from his childhood? So many questions about my favourite character!

  15. I would put money on the idea that Holland found Feral after the incident with Mal.

  16. Kid Holland in panel 7: how could you say no to that? Not sure but fairly sure Feral found several ways :P

  17. Aw, Holland was so cute when he was young!

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