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  1. Hoooooooooow… you even pronounce that? x.x

    1. mad skizzels, man.

    2. ….I got Holland and Perdicus….

      1. He is super cute. I can’t imagine what he would be like as a little kid. Sooo cute!!! :3

    3. N-shan-te ma-dem-oi-sell-le

    4. try putting that on a business card.

      1. i have a british friend who has a long name like him :(

        1. lath-al-in-a-thell

        2. correction lath-al-in-a-thuell

  2. Man, one of the things I love about this comic is the facial expressions. They always make me laugh, I love Feral’s “Oh my god, don’t even talk like that” expression in the fifth panel.

  3. …i still think he should have kicked him in the head.

    1. I agree XD

  4. ooh, Meela’s blushing…
    Holland does act like he just got out of the loony bin… Maybe that’s why he hadn’t seen Feral for a year…

  5. G e t out A l i ve

    I just tried to pronounce Holland’s full name…

    I failed.

    1. After 5 years of reading LOtR, you get used to names like that. :)

      1. … But he’s not an elf :O

      2. Took you five years to read LOTR? LOL J/K

    2. It’s like Thethuthinnang from Watership Down!

  6. Holland does look like a pouty child in the second and third panels.

  7. Lathalinethetul
    ~ Lath-uh-lih-nuh-theh-tul
    ~ Luh-thay-lien-eh-the-tool
    What language is the root of this name? There are too many pronunciation possibilities!

  8. Ye gads, if he’s an elf, this comic has taken a turn for the decidedly odd.

    1. Yay some one still uses words like Ye gad!! Zoundz!!

  9. ThatChickInTheNews...Yesterday

    Holland Perdicus Lanthanellsoskdttem… Holland Perdicus Lanthalooottasszzzkam… Ok just stickin with Holland :)

  10. I read his first name…easy.
    I read his second name…cool.
    I got to his last name…*nuclear explosion in background and jaw hits the ground*…and failed….

    1. That is me on my first try! Then I sorta got it the fifth time… wait… nope, still don’t get it :P

      Love his face though as he introduced himself!

      1. mah friend has a name LIKE dat… :( hes british

  11. Fifth panel is awesome!
    Holland: I didn’t know you were looking to adopt!
    Feral: I’m not, you idiot! You take her.

  12. anyone know who tamaki suoh is? holland reminds me of him.

    1. thelightedDarkness

      OHSHC! YES I KNOOOW!!!!!!

  13. How does one try to pronounce Holland’s last name???

  14. umm…. gesundheit?

  15. I believe that name is pronounced “Smith.”

  16. Um… ill just call you John Smith… AKA The Doctor… Hmm…

    1. EEEK! Doctor Who reference!

    2. *stifles excited fan noises*

  17. I live in Holland

  18. lathelinthethehthtjrifni… i cant say his name XD only the french

  19. Wait, his name is Holland? I live in Holland XD

  20. Yup decently loony

  21. oh my
    oh my
    oh my

  22. sans holland

  23. Latalinetafur…..uhhh did i spell it right xD

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