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  1. I can’t decide if he cared that she screamed and that was why he grabbed the blade, or if he only cared about his own skin. xD

    1. Same here XD I can never decide if it was a ‘protect Meela’ or ‘self-defense’ reaction lol.


      1. Might have just been a “WTF is going on?” reaction, judging by the face.

        1. That’s true. Lol but I’m going to go with my imagination and say it was a protect Meela look :3

        2. im gonna say it was both.

    2. He was already holding it – check the last panel.

      1. Actually, he wasn’t. In the fourth panel you see his shock and register, then he grabs the blade. The yellow. . . Thing. . . I can’t even think of a word to describe it, shows an abrupt action. In the previous panel he was cleaning the blade or swiping a cloth over it, yes, but he had since moved to reading the pages he now holds in his hand. It doesn’t take but a few moments to swipe a cloth over a blade. And besides, if he had it in his hand, why was it in the grass? He might have kept a hand over it as a precaution, but it doesn’t seem that likely. It most likely was just within reach should he need it.

  2. Not him again!! Piper missed him, it seems…..

  3. I love it how Feral has his little speach bubble “?!”

  4. Feral has that speech bubble ?! because he just saw an old friend of his.

  5. Holland: *sneaks up all sneakily like* Hello… Stop screaming, I’m not a child molester! YOU’RE GONNA GET ME KILLED WHEN PEOPLE GET THE WRONG IDEA.


    1. OMFG! That just made my day! I love Holland! XDDD

  6. Ooh, letters Feral? From whooom?

    …Oh, of course they’re maps and blueprints for your next mission. So sorry. Tehee.

  7. Owww, I love Holland x3 Is very cool with his cloak!

  8. Holland is my favorite, he makes a beautiful swan!

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