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  1. Giant Puppy dog eyes! So sad…

  2. meelas face in panels 1-3 :D sooo cute

  3. Yummy fishes… ^p^

  4. I know it’s just a comic and the whole reason it exists is because of the strange dinamic of the two of them but it really rubs me the wrong way the way she behaves. So intitled. She may have in the run of 150 pages but I don’t recall her genuinely saying thank you for his help. She just expects it and when he doesnt hes the jerk for not pandering to her needs. Sure its the right thing to do, to help her out but he surely isnt required. it could have just left. or started a fire for her and left(im not worring about the shelter as A it wasnt much of one anyway and B even after they ate they slept out under the mood beside the fire. not really shelter.
    I know its just a comic bbut I know id be hardpressed not to nail her up on a tree somewhere to get rid of her selfishness.

    1. I must agree with you to a certain extent. All the problems in this comic so far, from the trouble at the inn to them getting shot at with a gun – were caused by her recklesness. She comes off as genuinely selfish and entitled and Feral has a heart of gold for not just beating her up or leaving her to the nearest church door as a foundling. *sigh* Then again she’s also adorable and I’m willing to forgive her possible lack of empathy in realizing how much of a burden she is. There’s nothing wrong with her not realizing that she’s a leech, it’s just that someone should call her out on her behaviour, the selfishness/childishness should be acknowledged by other characters.

      1. Meela is most definitely a spoiled brat who feels entitled to being cared for. The only character that she’s had extensive contact with to realize this is Feral, and he does acknowledge her bad behavior by constantly being exasperated with her. It’s not like he can tell her to stop being a brat, so he just guestures angrily at her.

        She’ll evolve, it will just take more life experience.

    2. I don’t really see Meela as entitled…more as an inexperienced child. She IS a child, and she tries but can’t really HELP because she was never taught what to do by anybody. She was left alone at a very young age. She can’t help relying on older people. She’s childish because she IS A CHILD.

      1. One doesn’t get to her (inferred) age and maintain that sort of behaviour unless it is explicitly encouraged. Child she may be, but she isn’t 4. Only totally spoilt and pampered kids keep that sort of attitude to her age.

        1. Sheltered is not the same as spoilt/pampered

  5. I have no idea why, but Feral kind of reminds me of the once-ler…

  6. I don’t think it’s Meela’s fault that she is so spoiled. Tannor sheltered her way to much.

  7. This is payback for the inn. :-)

  8. I love how they lick their fingers when they’re done eating; reminds me of a cat <3

  9. It’s not like she didn’t at least make an effort, and she did catch 2 fishies, not her fault they got away :P

  10. sometimes i hate Feral a lot…

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