Page 145

8 thoughts on “Page 145

  1. HE tricked me! She suffers from that a lot these days…

  2. Panels four, five, and six. I love that sequence.

  3. Feral’s BARE FOOTED!! WOOT!

  4. he was already visably bare footed in the inn when he’s sleeping in the corner. so cute.

  5. in that first panel, she looks like she’s got… a little too much down under…?

  6. In all fairness, the guy paid her stay at the inn too.
    And she was the one who offered up the necklace in exchange. It isn’t like he asked her for it.

    1. You sound like one of those bottom-dwelling scum-gargling antique stealers: the ones who know what the true value of a tarnished necklace is, but let’s the sap offer a price/trade that is so way under value it’s not even funny

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