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  1. And… then bait plan fail.
    I had a feeling this’d happen.

  2. roflmao @ her derped face xD

    1. Agreed! Amazing expressions as always!

  3. Silly Meela.
    Silly Piper.
    Silly everyone.
    Feral just walks away.

  4. I love how her ears move. Adds so much to the expressions.

  5. last panel and first ones are so funny looking XD

  6. Fail, Piper. And I love Piper’s face when Meela’s just like, “They’re nice. Handcarved!” Meela looks so nervous. :D

  7. Piper, that knife… I’m pretty sure that’s a butter knife.

  8. Ahaha, Piper’s LoL-face xD Very funny ^^

  9. Meela, lol.
    “Well, no. He doesn’t even like me…”

  10. I’m not sure calling attention to the fact that she had the necklace was such a good idea. I mean Piper is violent!

  11. xDDD I knew it

  12. xD what do you expect from Feral anyhows x3

    Also i guess i was wrong lol Feral just doesnt seem to give a dam xD

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