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  1. I didn’t realize Feral’s eye was glowing on this page until I re-read it just now.. Hmm what could it mean?

    1. yeah, for some reason I kept expecting it to be glowing at night. I wonder if he really is part demon… ._.

    2. He’s possessed by a demon trapped in his right eye! Or, something like that…

      1. Sounds disturbingly like Tsubaki… (from Inuyasha) XD

      2. Smells like Naruto to me.

  2. hmm.. wake up a trained bounty hunter in the middle of the night… Very low on the things to do list!

  3. Red glowy eye of murder!

  4. Beware the red-eye of DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! :D

  5. I guess Feral really needs his beuty sleep.

  6. Oh no! Feral! Relax your reflexive defence instincts for a moment!

  7. Maybe Feral was having the same dream as Meela?

    1. or his life of loner and a merc wasnt that plesant

      1. He’s probably so tightly wound from all his various experiences that waking suddenly in the night triggers a defensive reaction. If you’re used to sleeping in potentially unfriendly environments, you’re going to react violently to being woken suddenly.

  8. Meela: “Feral! It’s me!”
    Feral (thinking): “Yeah, I know.”

  9. Ah, if you look at the first and second panel Feral looks like he is sweating, like from a bad dream? :3 I think, like many others, that they may have been sharing the same dream, or possibly had a connection in the past.


  11. Yea you’re right!! He IS sweating! that sounds SOOOO weird coming from me…

  12. he looks so much like Turin with his angry face in 2nd to last panel

  13. Well, Meela, Feral’s being… well, feral.

  14. well meela, you DID spend his money on food, and a room while he was kicked out, and you DID go through all of his stuff while he was gone. what the heck did u expect?

  15. You can’t really expect more from Feral if he’s woken up in the middle of the night suddenly by a nonstop-talkative 12 year old. Especially when she spends all your money, hogs the bed, ruins the tidiness of your bag, and then cuts up one of your shirts XD

  16. You steal my money, lock me out of a room in the rain, and even try to take my bed, and then you have the NERVE to wake me up!!!!!!!!!

  17. …People were saying he was sweating, but I looked back and it looks like Feral was crying. D:

  18. She tags along with him unwanted. She messes up his first attempts at a job and nearly screws up the whole thing. She buys a meal and a room with his money, rummages through his stuff, reads his diary, repurposes his clothing, tries to shut him out in the cold, tries to take the bed… and now she won’t even let him sleep.

    The phrase “the straw that broke the camel’s back” comes to mind.

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