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  1. I’m still very curious who she thought that dude was!

    1. Probably, Meela might be linking Korin with the man who killed her father by memory. I’m guessing Korin killed Terin AND Meela’s father, and now she’s remembering what Korin’s face looked like through Yuen’s dream/memory.

      1. I agree with you on that Korin may be the man who killed her family.
        It’s either him or, maybe, Mal – after the demon power absorbsion Yuen said that he changed, maybe after many demon absorbsions he went insane?
        Just a theory.

        1. Or, Korin could be her dad – that would be a great plot twist! :)

    2. my thoughts seeing as she looked at feral immediately after would be that she thought he looked like feral… if u get rid of the white streak in his hair

  2. I just realized you essentially had a little girl sharing a bed with a grown man it was presented so innocently that i didn’t bat an eyelash. impressive!;D

    1. Feral’s too nice (secretly, of course) to take advantage of a little pup like Meela…

    2. The world is too pedophile-phobic if a little kid can’t even sleep in the same bed with her guardian. Plus it’s warm. XD
      I wouldn’t bat an eyelash at it even if it were pointed out.

  3. nah. they can’t be the same! the scars don’t match up! past or present.

  4. Also he has no clan symbol

  5. I think i finally figured out who she’s referring too. Its the person who killed her father. Because Lucifus is right the scars don’t match you with Feral, nor with any character they’ve shown so far.

    1. And he doesn’t have the skunk stripe on his head.

  6. also feral has one green eye and one red and the other dude didnt

    1. His red eye looks unnatural so it could have come later in his life?

  7. This page always intrigues me (in addition to the mysteries involved) because it is the only one in which Feral has a speech bubble with actual noise instead of just a “…” ….and I don’t know why I find that so interesting but I do. Lol.


  8. Actually, looking at the next page, I think she says “…Feral?” because she is sitting up in bed, talking to herself, and Feral makes a sound. The next she does, on the next page, is ask him if he’s awake.

    And I agree with the comment above. Interesting indeed, but perhaps it is because it is a small sound, and not a fake snore.

  9. For the longest time, I thought she was wondering if Korin was Feral, then I looked back at this again and realized she asked about Feral because of the sound he made.

  10. lolz Feral’s asleep…

  11. I think Meela’s linking Korin with Feral.

  12. Ooh, maybe…

  13. wait a sec! Feral can’t talk, his vocal cords don’t work anymore, right? how is he making that sound??

    1. The type of noise he’s making doesn’t require a voice box. You can make it by clicking the back of your tongue against the top of your mouth like you were pronouncing the “K” of a word without.

  14. Yes, Meela, he is who you’re thinking, just not who everyone else is thinking. XD


  16. Oyie oyie oyie

    Meela, Feral is so not “that guy”… ;-;

    Hey may probably be your MAL :D

    And i dont think Feral could be Meela’s father… Feral looks younger than her father, and if her father were to be reincarnated….ehhhhh mah brain is killin’ ME Dx

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