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  1. oh dear…

  2. Uh, oh! And is Terin really Korin’s uncle, or is it just used as more of a title here?

    1. It’s very likely that he is Korin’s uncle, since he mentioned that Korin’s father was also a candidate for clan leader. Korin’s father is probably Terin’s brother, therefore Korin is Terin’s nephew.


  4. That’s the kind of thing I don’t like about some societies; women not allowed to fight in leadership skirmishes. If this were a real world (the way I imagine it), I would have smacked those young upstarts (not the leader) into the middle of next week!

    1. Terin wanted Avela to stay out of it because he had to win the fight alone, not because she’s female.

      1. Because he wants to win the fight alone, more like… because he has a complex about handicapping his potential to the purely physical.
        Not entirely a bad plan, assuming you can pull it off.

        1. hikariangelwings

          It isn’t about complex, it was about honor and leadership of the clan. It is supposed to be about one lupin against another lupin for their personal strengths, not about how many brutish friends they can scrounge up..

  5. It’s not that she’s a woman, it’s that in leadership fights you aren’t allowed help period.. I think.

    1. i agree leadership fight are one on one on another note in SOME wolf packs once the alpha male dies the alpha female takes over even though the more cases are rising though ranks, being a beta

    2. Thank you for saying it. It seems like in this comic, the women in that world are about as empowered as men are.

  6. Korin’s breaking of the rules makes me want to dimension hop and blast him into oblivion!

  7. Fuck…..shit….dont kill em’

    COME ON KORIN! TEACH HIM A Mother freaking lesson!

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