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  1. Psssssssssssst!! spoiler for all those who are thinking Meela is a boy…She is a girl.

    1. Thank you!! I was starting to guess she was a girl.

  2. lolz Of course she’s a girl!! sad looking shelter Meela.

    1. thats what you can do when you cant punch wood.

  3. yes meela you fell asleep

    thats kinda why u had a dream! :D

  4. That shelter looks like Eeyore’s XD

  5. nawwwww meela looks so cute when shes worried!

    1. cuter still that her boots don’t seem to fit xD

  6. Lol, ya think, Meela? -.-

  7. Are those three sticks her shelter??????? That’s kind of a fail…Keep going, Meela!

  8. FAIL….

  9. even creepers wont waste their time with that

  10. Camolot the Creator

    Damn, that took me by surprised. I barely contained my laughter.

    In all seriousness, it’d do well enough with enough covering, I suppose.

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