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  1. Omg that means its not meela’s memory at all!

    1. Dat face +the comment = epic!

  2. Omg! Beads… pears… black hair… Mal=Feral??? O.O!!!

    1. Plus, he’s gots his ears pieced.

      1. You’ll also notice that we never see his right eye (left-hand side eye as we view it) in close up now. Only from a further viewing distance… I assume to hide that the eye is now red. Sepia tone would make both the red and green eye brown.

        1. And his hair kinda does the same thing as Feral.. But the lady said boys, so who is the other one?? Rather confused or am I just missing some thing obvious?

    2. Okay, I never made the pear connection….. but…. WOW! I’m definitely going with the Mal is Feral idea.
      Also, neither Feral or Mal has a clan mark.

  3. Nebbermind my last comment.

  4. It wouldn’t completely make sense if Yuen was Meela and Feral was Mal.. one, Mal has freckles and is obviously not black furred, he also has a darker tip on his tail.

    Most importantly, Feral is much older than Meela. :U


  6. I love Yuen’s mom! Avela is so pretty!

    1. Miss Fwuffy Kitten :3

      Definitely :O

    2. Yes she is

  7. “Oh, are those pears? I love pears!”

    “Me too!”

    Everything about this panel is cute. XD

  8. ooo Nice to see an Adult Female Lupian. Great Design!

  9. LOL on the first panel! I give my niece noogies all the time!

  10. Anyone also notice that she said “boys” and they both responded?

  11. Please tell me I’m not the only one who thought “Don’t let me eat pears. I hate pears.” xD

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