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  1. The look on Feral’s face in the last panal is just priceless!

    1. Haha right ;3


    1. Keep doin’ what you’re doin’, man.

  3. G e t out A l i ve

    Oh, and there he goes…

  4. …He punched the glass and yet without hinges the window opened unharmed? :O

    1. The glass didn’t break, the window just blew open. :3

  5. You can learn a lot about people by their bags. With Feral, we learn that he is OCD. He probably had the clothes organized by color.

  6. Hmm….I wonder what Piper was going to do??

  7. It was just as well Feral, that shirt was kinda ugly

  8. Room: 17 dollars
    Crappy shirt: 12 dollars
    The look on Feral’s face: *gasp* PRICELESS!

  9. Second time reading through the series. I totally didnt see that her idea of packing was horrific. Again, If it was my Bag/Cloths I’d go Balistic too. It amazes me the liberties she takes. I hate Justifiers. It was okay because of this, it was okay because of that…
    Get her Feral!

  10. Feral-Meela-Holland-Lover

    So awesome! ^_^

  11. Feral:
    Meela: “Ah! Don’t kill me!”


  13. he’s climbin in yo windows
    he’s snatchin yo people up!

  14. Every action is closer to making Feral throw her in a Volcano.

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