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15 thoughts on “Page 11

  1. Holy crap, I want that as a wallpaper!

    1. They have it their gallery, me thinks.

      1. You’re right, me hopes.

  2. Pretty, pretty, PRETTY!!!

  3. So pretty!! The sky is GORGEOUS! haha, it reminds me of the tunnel view of Yosemite! :D I see Bridalveil falls!

    1. It does look like Yosemite! Omg I’ve been there twice and never noticed that…

  4. Nice valley


  6. Yay for awesomeness scenery. LOL

  7. What an inspiring scenery! All the best to Strays!!! =w= Hop they become the best comic creator in the universe!


  9. Omg that iz soooo BEAUTIFUL!!!! :D

  10. How did you do that scroll-thing behind the text?

  11. I’m curious to see a map of this world x3. Would be interesting

  12. I’m eleven pages in, and already I’m completely hooked; a fantastic opening, authors

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