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  1. damn, that is one foxy fox :D

    1. Ah, shoot. I was gunna say the awesome obligatory cliche line…

  2. WOO, she’s a shapeshifter.

    -new favourite character-

    1. She’s not a shape shifter she can change just like Feral can.

    2. Automatic hate list for fox girl. Sorry but NO.

      1. Same I don’t really like her either

  3. What is this now, PWI?

    1. XD! A venomancer?

  4. kitsune! kitsune! kitsune! yay!

  5. floozy is right. gosh, i dont like that vixen at all

  6. lol gotta love Feral’s face in the last panel. reminds me of Holland’s “HOCRAP” face

    1. whoops wrong page…
      lets pretend that didn’t happen…

  7. Feral:….big deal, I can do that too!

  8. I love how you have drawn the fox.. Hell epic.. x]

  9. If Feral could talk, I’m sure he’d be saying something along the lines of “Meela! Get your damn tail down here, with all my stuff!” The joys of Feral’s daddy moments. XD

  10. Kitsune time! :D (i comment too much…)

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