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  1. The fact your money just went down the drain can give anybody wings!

    1. There are 1000 pecks per bushel of Red Bull! Watch your weight, ladies, and you can end up like Meela! xD

  2. How many fuqs does Meela give? None!

  3. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

    Girl troubles? Love that! Meela DOESN’T CARE.

    1. Just sit there bored while they attempt to attack each other.

  4. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

    “How can you still move!?”
    Feral does seem to have remarkable recovery abilities, as does his clothing (scraped by a bullet along the shoulder, and his clothing isn’t even torn anymore… ah, the wonders of fantasy!)

    1. Actually Meela said earlier that he changed clothes and she wished she could, too.

    2. Feral can sew, like a real man should.

  5. Feral reminds me of Zuko of Avatar. Is it just me?

    1. No. I’ve been thinking the same thing since I first saw him.

    2. Wow. Never noticed that. THAT’S AWESOME!

    3. Lee of Team Avatar

      Why do you think I love him?

      1. Lee of Team Avatar

        Although, his scar is over his right eye, whereas Zuko’s scar was over his left eye. Plus they are totally different types of scars, but they actually seem pretty similar anyway.

        1. Lee of Team Avatar

          I’m sorry, that was unnecessarily pedantic.

  6. ThatChickInTheNews...Yesterday

    WHOA i just looked at him again and he DOES look like Zuko o.o

  7. OMW YOu peeps are right! Wahoo for Zuko and Feral!

  8. Ahahahaha this is one of my favorite pages. xD So much win~

  9. In my opinion, Feral only looks like Zuko in the 5th panel. Zukos face looks a little different and you have to include the scar details on both of them.

    1. Forget what I said a year ago. He looks like Zuko.

      1. Lee of Team Avatar


  10. I’m not liking his hand motion in that last panel

    1. XDDD

  11. gotta love feral’s face in the second to last panel. lol XD

  12. i love his face in the second to last panel

    Meela: lol i need some popcorn

  13. Aww Piper is such a sweetie, she actually cares if Feral breaks his neck or not

    1. That was just an act…

  14. XD I love you Meela.

  15. So the kid got a bowl of fruit, a loaf of bread… and a very generic piece of cartoonish meat? How bizarre.
    Wouldn’t think it’d cost that much either… but I suppose it depends on availability.

    1. Fruit has the potential to be very costly, at least. I mean, there are bananas–I’m not sure that those would grow in this environment.

  16. HAHAHA Feral’s expression! Omg I love him already

  17. Feral: Get the prey first then deal with Meela. LOL

  18. XD poor Feral everyone is after your money!

  19. Each panel is surprising in it’s own way.

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