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25 thoughts on “Page 102

  1. Well ain’t he just a bundle of FAIL today?

  2. Omg magicals!

  3. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

    Piper’s expression in the second panel is HILARIOUS!

  4. AHAHAHA TOOTS! Thats a sly vixen smile there xD

  5. wouldn’t it be tuts? not toots?

  6. Ouch Feral you landed on your head!

  7. Piper is an air bender!

    1. Lee of Team Avatar

      Yes, yes YES!!!

  8. I’d imagine that each species has their own powers; like Feral’s is battle magic, and Piper’s is air magic… I think. ^_^;

    1. since meela is also lupian, why havent said powers developed yet? she’s 12, you know…

  9. Well I guess she…..BLEW HIM AWAY!!

    1. B-dm KSH! :D

    2. Ooooooooooooh!XD HaloOkami

    3. You guess?
      That is exactly what she did do.

  10. lol his face

  11. She’s an air bender? O_o

    1. Lee of Team Avatar

      Why, yes. Yes she is. Man, I love this comic.

  12. Its official, I love piper! Poor feral though…XD

  13. OMG, love this page. XD

  14. . . . Piper looks slightly like the Joker in the second panel. :I Strange, but it’s true.

  15. lol… Feral fail

  16. oh, poor, poor wolf xDDD


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