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  1. Is it bad that Piper makes me think of Irene Adler…? Anyway, I love her. She’s so.. coy. X3

    1. i love you now. sherlock and strays at the same time? epic overload. total sherlock/irene moment, btw.

      1. Oh man. That’s probably why I love her so much! Irene Adler is like the prettiest lady… :C

  2. Yay for sound effects and knee kicking action!

  3. Yay for Sherlock Holmes references!

  4. How…how does she BEND like that? D8

    1. practice *winkwink* *nudgenudge*

  5. No! That leg in panel three! It’s… not. right…. It’s just… too low? Not positive I could do much better, and I know that’s a hard position.

    Otherwise, nice sudden twist. Had me going with the “foxy” thing at first.

  6. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

    I agree with her that he’s adorable…

    1. Yes he is but I don’t think i would go that far with some random creepy guy with one red eye and who can’t talk.

  7. She IS like Irene Adler isnt she…

  8. Somehow, I like Piper more when she is kicking someone’s butt than I do when she’s flirting. xD

  9. Irene Adler…Sherlock refrences !!!!!

  10. Her leg is scarily amazing.
    But that is a really difficult pose to do.

  11. How disappointing.

    That escape was physically impossible without Feral actually moving back to LET her escape. He had a significantly advantageous position. Even someone as weak as me could have stopped her from where she was.
    I would have wagered on a partner ambush by the way she set it up, but I guess it was just stupidity on her part.


    2. You apply logic to a comic about shapeshifters…?

      1. I find utilising logic enjoyable.

        Besides… consider the alternative. If logic were set aside, he could ass-pull any number of possible solutions to this problem and completely throw off the narrative flow.

    3. Couldn’t or wouldn’t he have backed up instinctively if he saw/felt she was pulling her knee up?

    4. Or by the look of how the knife flew to the side she could have brought it up from the side and then kicked outward/towards him? Either way it still can work logically considering people do not generally wish to move closer to be kicked in the face/when someone moves like that.


  13. Rosiario x Vampire kick in pannel three, that’s how I reason it

  14. dammit…god dammit…

  15. No… HARD… feelings ;)

  16. One problem: Feral doesn’t take his targets in, he takes them out :(

  17. ouch

    Like they say, never trust a snarky fox xd No matter how hot they are 0.0

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