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10 thoughts on “Page 08

  1. That smile is just CREEPY!

    1. 4th panel god Gorey background

  2. wicked smiled.
    Freaky blood.
    Tannor to the resque.

  3. Skeeva da Argoniin

    Ehhh even though he has sharp teeth and everyone thinks the killer is Feral I don’t believe so… there are many Lupien (did I spell that right?) out there. Anyway by the looks of Feral killing in some of the other pages I think he enjoys it a little, he just doesn’t smile when he does…

    Unless he has a photographic memory and he is trying to hide the evidence from Meela. Also, if it IS true that [ Blocked for new readers ] then why would he kill [ Also blocked for spoilers ] (read what I think on the current page if you read the comic atleast once…

    1. “Everyone thinks the killer is Feral?”

      From all of the theory posts I’ve read, the overall majority actually seem to be pointing the finger at poor Mal. XD


  5. Whoa. Didn’t really see this before mouse must’ve double clicked…

  6. Wait ine sec…. the smile…. looks like leviathan castiel…

    Vaguely but still, creepy…

  7. This comic turned quickly. 0_0

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