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12 thoughts on “Page 07

  1. So sad… :'(

  2. i luv bloody manga

    1. It’s not a manga, just a comic influenced by anime style. ^^
      Sorry, I just had to point it out.

      But yes, seconded. I love bloody comics, especially if the blood is well-drawn.

  3. Methinks the boy in the last panel is Tannor.

  4. *twitch* *Twitch* *Shudder*

  5. Meela used to live with tannor in harmony…. Then everything changed when the fire nation attacked

    1. this meme will never die

  6. Y xD who killed who? Hmmmm


  8. Camolot the Creator

    A khopesh?
    So this comic takes place in a time period analogous to the Bronze Age?
    Interesting. I’ve only ever seen one other webcomic that is based in such a time period.

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