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29 thoughts on “Page 03

  1. Miss Fwuffy Kitty ^-^

    Awwwww :3

  2. That last panel is SO precious!!!

    1. seconded!!!

      1. Thirded!

        1. This again? Forthed-ded? Forth-ded… >:/

  3. in the first pannel Tannor looks so sad!

  4. Skeeva da Argoniin

    Naww I think that monster toy looks cute :))

  5. Is it bad to be in love with a dead comic character…? ;)

    1. no………….. well at least i am too!

      1. Lee of Team Avatar

        I really, really hope not.

        1. Lee of Team Avatar

          Because I love him too!

  6. that last pannel….so adorable….

  7. Please let Tannor’s death be a myth. xD
    It’s painful to see him in only two pages.

    1. Three, not two. Silly me..

  8. I just love Tannor. :/

  9. So cute :3 the art is incredible !

  10. Awww…what loving siblings. LOL Meela when she’s little….adorable.

  11. Deeetail! Even in the clouds that are moving!

  12. I love how the “wolf” toy is a mixture of Tannor’s grey fur and Meela’s brown fur :3

  13. Awww >< Such loving siblings. Soooo cute! ^^

  14. I want a big brother…. Really I want it so badly..

  15. I wish I had an older brother:(:(

  16. Man, it’s really cool to look back at when I first started to read this comic. This was the very first update I experienced and it’s amazing how far it’s grown. :)

  17. I so wish you wouldn’t die, Tannor. You’re so cute!!!!! :3

  18. Me too, Bookworm and Marceline. Only child sadness :(

  19. Camolot the Creator

    Aww, it’s like me and MY sister!
    Except with less Halo and Gears of War.

  20. I love panel 2

  21. Juniorbullhauler(jbh)

    I like panel 2. But I love panel 5

  22. PharmaceuticalToast

    epic story guys

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