Volume 1

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Please note that the artist comments for pages 1-160 were somehow lost along the way.

Site is Buggy

Apologies everybody, but the site is currently buggy due to a server migration with our host. The server our site is stored on is worn out, so they’re switching us to a new one. The process could take a while, and in the mean time some pages aren’t loading and some comic pages have disappeared. Everything should be restored once the migration is done, but we’re not going to try to fix anything until the process is complete. If everything isn’t properly restored by the end, we’ll go through and fix whatever is left broken. Please bear with us for now. Everything will be fixed soon.

Malware Problem Fixed

Recently we’ve had a few readers report some suspicious activity on the site, and after digging into it I found out our host was apparently attacked with malware that targeted sites run on PHP. Basically the entire site was compromised, and I just spent about 3 hours deleting files and removing malicious script from…everywhere. But the site now has a clean bill of health, so everything should be all good now. If you see any more suspicious activity, please let us know right away!

Forum Closed

The forum is now officially closed! Thank you to everybody that kept it alive for the long years it served as the sounding board for our comic. If you would like to keep mingling with the users and continue any roleplays you had going, SlopDoggy has created a replacement forum here – http://strays.freeforums.org/index.php We encourage you guys to check it out and continue posting if you feel like maintaining the forum community. Have fun!

Nekocon Over, Updates Resume

Nekocon is over and we had a great time! Thank you to everybody that stopped by to see us ^o^ And thank you all for your understanding and support in our missed update last week. We still plan to do a two page update this week and page 195 will be Livestreamed tonight like usual. Page 196 will be done on either Wednesday or Thursday, we’re not sure yet, but we’ll let you all know via the Facebook page. See you tonight!