Hey guys, we wanted to give you a little update on the progress of the Volume 2 preorder. We’re doing great on Vol 2 preorders and have successfully reached full funding for it, but we’re still in need of around $6k more to get Volume 1 printed.

This means we need to sell at least 300 more book only options. Less if some people get both books or the add-ons like prints or sketches (which, by the way, will be discontinued once the preorders end!) This seems like a lot, but we know we have a lot of faithful readers. If you enjoy the comic, please please please consider supporting us by ordering a copy. It’s only $20!

For those of you interested in both volumes, we have an update to the “2 book” option: Rather than sending two copies of Vol 2 if we don’t reach funding for Vol 1, we can hold your order until we DO have enough money to get it printed, so you will get both volumes eventually. I say this because even if it takes another 3-4 months (or more), we will continue saving every penny until we can get it printed. If you do not mind a potential wait and would like to help us reach funding for Vol 1, please consider buying both books. If you’ve already purchased one book and want to add the second now, please email us and we’ll get you set up.

Alternatively, if you are low on funds, you can also purchase some of our other cheaper merchandise or even donate. Every dollar helps. If you can’t do that either, please spread the word! That helps too!

paypal On a final note, we noticed a lot of you are having trouble finding the method for adding notes to your order. PayPal kind of hides it, so here is a screengrab of the checkout page with the notes form highlighted:

Use this to tell us which bookmark you want, who you want us to draw if you’re getting sketches, or anything else we might need to know. For those of you who already made your purchase and didn’t give us this information, don’t worry, we’ll be contacting you for it via email when we are ready to ship.