Are you guys ready? We’re finally getting Volume 2 into print! But we need your help!


In order to offer a better sale price we want to get this volume printed via offset printing rather than print-on-demand. What does this mean? It basically means we order in bulk, thus lowering the cost per book, but increasing the overall cost.

We don’t have the money to fund this ourselves and, like most other webcomics, we could do a Kickstarter, but based on sales of the previous volume we believe that we can cut out the middle man and fund this via preorders alone. That’s right, we believe in you guys!

But that’s not all we need. Volume 1 has recently sold out, and we would love to get that reprinted via the new printer as well. That task may very well need a Kickstarter of its own, but not if we get enough orders for Volume 2. We’re hoping to pre-sell enough books of Volume 2 to fund getting both volumes printed, and thus we are offering special bonuses for the preorder period.

These bonuses will be available ONLY during preorders, so don’t hesitate if you fancy any of them!

  • All preorders will come with a free bookmark, your choice of Feral, Meela, Holland or Piper
  • The four prints set options include the 4×5 mini prints of Chibi Feral, Meela, Holland and Piper
  • Sketched in copies include sketches by both artists. You choose the characters to be drawn
  • The 2 book option will include either two copies of Volume 2 or one copy each of Vol. 1 and 2

The 2 book option will include two copies of Volume 2 UNLESS enough orders are made to fund the reprint of Vol. 1, in which case it will include one copy each of Vol. 1 and Vol. 2. You may choose to receive two copies of only Vol. 2 if you wish, just let us know when you make your purchase.

We hope to get the books ordered and in hand by July or August, but that all depends on you, dear readers! The sooner we reach funding, the sooner we can put the order in. Sales from other items in the shop will also go towards this effort, so purchases of charms, buttons, prints, etc. will help as well.

We’re counting on you! Please help us fund this!