TWO Pages Next Week!

There will not be a page update this week, BUT we will make it up to you by doing a TWO PAGE update next week! Nekocon is this weekend and we’re on staff at the Artist Alley, plus I’m buried in freelance work, so we just don’t have time for a page this week. We know you guys hate page skips as much as we do, so please don’t get upset and keep in mind that you’ll be getting two pages next week!

See you at Nekocon!

PS: Sorry guys, no livestream tonight!

24 thoughts on “TWO Pages Next Week!

  1. And while you wait, come check out the NEW Strays Forum site at:

  2. two pages at once?! I can wait for that. ;)
    Have fun guys! Wish I could be there. :D

  3. Nekocon? What area do YOU live in?!?!?!? I wanna go!!! it sounds much more fun than Naka-kon!

    1. It’s in Virginia :3

  4. Are you going to have a livestream tonight?

    1. Sorry, no, no Livestream.

  5. oAo Is there still a livestream?

  6. will you livestream the 2 pages that will be posted next week????

  7. Awe Man.
    No Livestream? ;n;

    Well. .I Guess I Can Wait.
    2 Pages Is Worth It. ;u;

  8. Nuuu~! :'( The suspense is killing me!

    But two pages sounds awesome! So it’s okay! XD

  9. Looking forward to seeing you at Nekocon where I was introduced to Strays 2 years ago. I’ll be the woman with the chibi Feral charm hanging on her purse. :D

  10. aw… i wanted to see what happens to meela. but two pages is great! :)

  11. The suspense of waiting will probably kill me. But I’m sure I’ll rise from the dead at the promise of not one, but two pages to look forward to.


  12. AWWR</3 I was dying to see the next page QwQ

  13. So much suspense! I swear you guys are gonna give me gray hairs! xD

  14. >w< Hurrah! I started reading this after seein' ya'll at Nekocon. Last year, I think.
    I'll be sure to stop by.

  15. I’m with Howlcall! XD It’ll be worth the wait! 8-]

  16. Noooooo!! D: the suspense is killing me! But two pages will be awesome :D

  17. The suspense! It burns us!
    It’ll be worth it next Friday, though. :)

  18. Awww, oh well. Thanks for the livestreams that you HAVE done. I’ve learned SO much from them, & love getting a sneak peak and the next page ^,^ <3

  19. XD I love suspense, but not in horror movies, when the person just sits there looking all scared when a perfectly usable weapon is RIGHT next to them, I get up and I yell at the TV “Get up, stupid! It’s right next to you! HIT IT ALREADY!” but then sit down disappointed when they don’t, lol. :3 Can’t wait!

  20. Oh man, I wish I saw you at Nekocon and bought some of your things fklsjefdsk if my voice hadn’t been so hoarse I would have loved to talk. When I got back I found out my sister is a big fan of yours and I just managed to meet one of her favorite webcomic artists without even knowing XD Any chance you might be going to Animazement?

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