Nekocon Over, Updates Resume

Nekocon is over and we had a great time! Thank you to everybody that stopped by to see us ^o^ And thank you all for your understanding and support in our missed update last week. We still plan to do a two page update this week and page 195 will be Livestreamed tonight like usual. Page 196 will be done on either Wednesday or Thursday, we’re not sure yet, but we’ll let you all know via the Facebook page. See you tonight!

5 thoughts on “Nekocon Over, Updates Resume

  1. Hooray! Glad you guys had a great time! and can’t wait to see the livestream tonight! :D

  2. YAY~ glad you guys had such a good time. :3

  3. Welcome back! Glad you had fun!
    See you tonight at the livestream!

  4. i am here first time, what is nekocon

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