Strays T-shirt

Algy holding up the shirt Some time ago we were contacted by a representative from about a promotion they were offering to webcomic artists – a free t-shirt! Woo! We took them up on it and it came out very nice! They used a Gildan shirt, which is an awesome brand, and the printing is so nice! We love it! Thank you,!

6 thoughts on “Strays T-shirt

  1. It looks awesome! :D Congrats!

  2. That shirt looks awesome! :D

  3. Any chance it’ll be released in the store? :3

  4. ok INU WANT ONE BAD NOW! 8DD i’ve recently been getting into webcomics (trying to deviate away from the anime scene u know?) and Strays was one of the first i found and just ADORED! since i started reading webcomis i’ve been collecting alot of merchandise and omg this shirt would me soooo cool to own! 8D

  5. That looks so awesome! If you guys ever release shirts in the store, I’ll be one of the first in line! :D

  6. Want!! So awesome! :D

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