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Hello, dear readers! Recently Algy and I have been discussing the poor forums which, though having been around for a long time, have understandably been abandoned in favor of the new commenting system that we enabled on pages in the recent site update. We feel the comment system is a more useful and easier way for fans to comment and interact with the comic, so it is with an emo tear in our eyes that we have decided to close the forums. We will leave it up for another week or two for those of you who want to find and save any posts, roleplays or character profiles, but be sure to do it quick or it will soon be gone forever!

We thank those of you who were regular members on the forum and kept it alive, but times are a-changin’ and things need to move forward now :)

14 thoughts on “Forums Closing

  1. But….but…*sniff* We had a big RP planned….

  2. SAD PANDAS! I love your guys’ forum sight. It’s the only GOOD RP site. D=

  3. Algy, Celesse, with your permission, I’d like to create a new forum. People who want to move can move. People who don’t can stay.

  4. Where’s the like button to this comment? xD

  5. There was a forum?! O_o I feel like I missed out on so much. T_T Wish I’d known about it sooner…

  6. I feel sad as technically from 3 years ago to now I grown up a bit with this and it’s said to see it go (Especially since at one point I was the top poster xD)

  7. Sooo… if the forums are going to go…. what do we do if we want to send in fanart? O.o

    1. Good point o.O Celesse, Algy, where should we send fanart if we are to make some?

      1. You can send fanart directly to us by e-mail us at straysonline(at)yahoo(dot)com :)

        1. Alright ^,^ Sounds easy enough :)

  8. I didn’t even notice the forum, lol. :p

  9. Sad to say.
    Oh! Celesse, Algy; I was wondering, why you don’t put the past vote images in the gallery? I was wanting to see again feral’s journal, you know?

    but if you think it’s not a good idea, it’s ok, but tell me why! please!

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