Irene Past, Updates Resume

Great news, guys! Irene passed us with nary a problem to show for it. Some streets in our town flooded and lots of people lost power, but nothing happened where we are. It was more like a normal rainstorm for us. Thank goodness! So there will be an update next Friday like normal unless something unusual happens. See you then!

19 thoughts on “Irene Past, Updates Resume

  1. So glad you guys are safe! And glad to hear you still have power and updates will go on as normal!

  2. VERY glad to hear you guys are okay! :D

  3. I’m so very happy to hear you made it through without any problems! So happy you’re safe! :D

  4. GAWD! Irene was on the news in BRAZIL! Hope there aren’t anymore problems :| anyways, it good to know ur safe ^^

  5. Awesome. Glad you guys are all right. We could use some of that rain down here in Texas. over 200 days without an inch of rain.

  6. Glad you guys are safe :) Irene didnt do anything here except power outages and a few broken branches.

  7. Not sure where else to post this, the Next Page link on page 178 skips all the next pages and jumps to the Home page.

    1. Really? I just checked it myself and it goes to 179. Are you sure you didn’t hit the “Last” button instead of Next?

      1. Firstly, I’m very, very glad that you guys made it through Irene safe and sound. =] I’m certain a lot of people would be sad if you hadn’t. Secondly, the next page link on page 178 does the same thing to me. I didn’t see a ‘last’ button when I checked to see if the same thing would happen to me.

        1. I think I might have found the problem. I can’t see the issue, so can you check and see if it’s working properly now, please?

        2. It works fine for me, now. =] Thank you.

  8. Thank God! X3 I love these comicsss!

  9. YAY! Glad you guys are ok <3

  10. So glad you’re alright, dears! I’m very excited for the new update. Best of luck, clear skies!

  11. I cant wait for your next update !!!
    I luv your comic im from singapore and thank god ur alright allthough there was the tornado, typhoon? I forgot. Herd all about it in the news. It took the front headlines next to the presidential elections btw im13 yrs old and am in sec 1

  12. There is still problem with pg 178 it goes to homepage when you click next or the comic

  13. Just thought I’d mention that the link to the “gallery” isn’t working for me… It just has a white screen that says “lost” and redirects me back/home.
    Just mentioning it :)
    Glad everything is going well for you guys :D

    1. Thank you for letting us know! We’ve fixed the issue :)

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