Back from Otakon – Booklets on Sale!

We’re back from Otakon! Whew, what a ride! Thank you to everybody that stopped by to express their love for Strays. It was great to meet so many fans in person! Our next convention will be Anime Weekend Atlanta, so if you plan to attend you can see us there!

Also, we’ve put the chapter booklets in the store on sale! We’ve decided to discontinue them in favor of the volumes, so if you want them this is your last chance!

14 thoughts on “Back from Otakon – Booklets on Sale!

  1. When I click to add the Chapter 2 booklet to my cart, the store instead adds the Volume 1 book.

    1. Oops! Sorry about that! It’s been fixed now.

  2. MAN i wish i could go to those conventions…BUT THEY ARE SO FAR AWAY!!

  3. Greetings from Finland! :) I just recently bought the first volume of your comic since I fell utterly in love with the story as soon as my cousin introduced this series to me. Thankfully I can read the story online so I can treasure my print copy as a collector’s item!

  4. HEY~ oh my GOSH im in LOVE with strays . lol i KNOW feral and meela get togeether there ust tooo cute together! anyway YOU GUYS NEED TO GO TO NEKO-CON!!!! oh my GOSH id be first in line! please come to nekocon next year please!

    1. We go to Nekocon every year since it’s right around the corner for us. :)

  5. Are there any pictures from Otakon? :]

  6. I know this is unusual to ask, but is there any way to reserve one each of the available booklets till next month? If it wasn’t for the Cosplay Day event I was hosting, I could pay right away ~sigh~ still need the books for the Lupian Cosplay for Realmscon. If no, its totally understandable and thank you for your time

    1. Don’t worry, we still have a lot of them. I’m sure there will be some left by next month :3

  7. I know this is a long shot, but… if you could come to Utah’s Anime Banzai, I know a lot of people who would definitely love to meet you! Including myself! It’s in October. :c so far away~

  8. hey! i just wanted to let you know me and my little sister are huge fans! it’s too bad we can’t visit you two at the events you visit, since we live in the netherlands. a big hug from the netherlands!

    mandy and shelley

  9. I wish I could go to one of those conventions… if you guys ever come to Canada, let me know! ;) I’m saving up money to buy your chapter 1,2 and 3 booklets! :D

  10. Awesome, I prefer buying the books in full volumes, anyway. :)

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