Strays at Otakon 2011

Strays is going to be attending Otakon 2011 in Baltimore, MD on July 29th to July 31st! We’ll have books of the comic as well as prints, charms, necklaces, stickers, buttons and more! You can find us in the Artist Alley at tables T08 and T09, so if you plan on attending be sure to stop by and see us!

21 thoughts on “Strays at Otakon 2011

  1. Ohoh~, I will definitely be stopping by. I love this comic. :)

  2. If you can…maybe hit A-KON next year? That would be epic…I would so go.

  3. Wish I were going to be there! Sounds epic!

  4. Does this mean there won’t be a comic page this week? D: and I really want to come but of course the whole seven seas gets in the way xD

    1. With the new website, we have the ability to schedule a page update for the day we will be gone. There will be page updates for the next three fridays!

      1. That’s great! <3

      2. COOL! *gets super excited* I didn’t even know you could do that. I’m so excited~

        Good luck at Otakon! I’m sure you’ll do wonderfully!

      3. That’s really great :D can’t wait til then :)

  5. cool! I can’t come though…. not living in the same country and all… but if I could I totally would! Best of luck to you when you’re there. ;)

  6. *anime eye shine* Yay!!!! I’ll definitely come visit the Strays booth!!!

  7. Wish I could go D: You guys should go to A-Kon some year~ I know there’s a good amount of people who would love to see you there!

  8. D’aww, I wish I could go ;___;

  9. Do you all have a convention schedule? Like, any other conventions you’ll be attending through the year?

    1. I just updated out Convention thread on the forum with the cons we will be attending this year. We haven’t been able to expand our list yet, but we plan to in the future.

  10. Awesome! So wish I could go! Although, probably best for all of you… I’d be clingy….

    Hope you have a blast!

  11. I want to, but does it cost to attend it in general?

  12. *cries* It’s so far away……down here i doubt i could ever go to anything…this is sad…..*becomes cheery* oh well! at least i still have to comic…((and Feral *hugglez Feral*))

  13. Hey, I can’t go to Otakon because of money issues, but I told my friend to say Hi on my behalf! <3

  14. I stopped by saturday and saw your booth, but I don’t think anyone was there at the time :'( I was gonna get a little key chain thingee cuz they were cute. My friend said I should have just taken one and left the dollar somewhere on the inside of the booth so that you still got payed, but I was afraid someone would walk off with the dollar, haha

    1. I’m not sure how you missed one of use as there were two of us running the four tables the whole weekend. :( It’s possible we were helping a bunch of customers on one side when you missed us.

  15. Damn, I knew I should have looked at this before I left for otakon. I totally would have gone and hugged you people.

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